Creating a 3D ship

Today I tried 3D modelling for the first time using the software Maya. I had never used any software like this before, so it took a while to get to grips with some of the basic tools.

Firstly I used the cube polygon to begin shaping my ship. I moved some vertices together to create a triangular pyramid shape for a streamlined look, then I used a sphere to create a pod in the ship; I did this by distorting the sphere to make it longer and by moving it so only a semi-sphere appeared above the original ship. For the bay I selected a section of the sphere’s faces to extrude inwards.

For the engines I used a cylinder polygon, then extruded it to extend the length. Afterwards I selected a smaller circular section on the face to extrude into the cylinder to create a tube appearance. As I wanted two engines I selected the original engine and duplicated it then attached both of them to the bottom of the ship.

As I felt my ship needed another asset I used the ring polygon to create  an outer rim which could attach to the ship.

I found Maya difficult originally but I have begun to understand the tools and options I can use to create models from simple to complex once I get practised, and I will continue to work hard to improve my Maya work.



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