My Powerpoint


This presentation was about where Sonic came from and how he is Sega’s mascot. There’s not much text on the PowerPoint as the focus was on photos as I spoke about the meaning of each slide. I talked about Sonics design inspiration, technological advancements, competition to the old mascot (Alex Kidd), the history behind Sonic and behind Nintendo- dating back to Popeye in the 20’s, and finally about where Sonic is now and where he is in reference Sega’s original rival, Nintendo, now.

I could have talked slower and in less of a general tone. If I cut out more of the slides I could have expressed more information on focussed sections. I also need to only speak positively about a company.

Apparently I projected my voice and had researched into the company’s history well. I enjoyed talking about the character design and the deep history behind the sequences of events that led to Sonic coming about, and how the rivalry became collaboration with Nintendo over time, building each other up as enemies and as friends to create similar but also original games.



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