Maze Game

I edited a basic maze game to make it more personal and in places possibly more difficult.

I started with plain maps with white mazes and red and blue blocks for the character and goal. At first I edited the background to make it into an image of grass, which was multi-tonal and  made the map look more complex when I changed the actual maze colour.

For the maze itself I went to the properties> fill and stroke and made the colour green with a white outline. Then I went to properties> colour effect> style> alpha and changed it to around 20-30% so the maze was partially transparent on a grassy background, just to make the game look a bit harder to do on every level.

I changed my character by wiping the original square and drawing in a basic yellow and blue butterfly. Then I did an animation on the wings (with assistance) so they flapped as the butterfly flew through the garden maze. I also wiped the square from the goal and made it into a blue flower so it fit the theme.

I didn’t add many new obstacles but I added a few blocks into level 2 and level 4 to match the maze theme. On level 5 there is a spinning block which I edited from an opaque white block into a translucent curved green obstacle. It still spins but will catch the player out slightly differently.

On the last page once you complete the game you’re greeted with a red ‘Retry’ button. I used a photo from Google to experiment with inputting images as a button.

When I went from using a Mac to alter my game back to the Next Gen rooms my game had a glitch and I had to fix the code, so I copied each slide of my game onto a new Mazegame214 file and had 2 separate copies for different Flash types.

Overall I think I could have changed more of the game, like adding in a level, once i really had a hang of using Flash, but it took me a while to grasp the basics. I understand what I’ve done so far and am hopeful about improving my Flash skills.

(I’ll add screenshots of the process when I can next access my game)



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