2nd 3D ship

For my second ship on Maya I began with a cube and extruded outwards 2 more polygons which were to be the ship’s wings. I used the scale tools and added in edge loops where I needed them to create a diagonal wing shape on both sides. At the end of each wing I extruded the ends again then pulled the corners into the original wing to create triangular boxes. On those boxes I placed a cone each (to represent a very basic laser gun).

laser-gun   top-of-ship

I shaped the base box around the back and had the wings further forward than the front of the ship centre by using the scale and move tools until I had a shape I was happy with. I tried to make the wings streamlined, and a bit more stylised, than my last ship.

On top of my ship I made an engine by using the scale and move tools on certain faces of a cylinder polygon. I just played with the shape of the engine until I could place it on top of the ship and be happy with it.


Beneath the ship I flattened and curved a cylinder again to create a circular pod. It should seem detachable from the main ship, complete with two smaller engines beneath it. These engines were made the same way I did the engine on my first ship, by extruding a cylinder, then extruding a circular internal shape internally to create a hole.


Peer assessments were helpful; I was told my wings were streamlined, but that i should edit the placement of them and the shape of the body of the ship to allow the entire vehicle to be streamlined, and that the engines were well made-but the pod should be attached with visible attachments to the main body. I will use this to improve my ship.



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