Drawing Faces

Tony taught us the framework for drawing faces and I’ve been practising it at home.  I have always liked drawing faces but had never been good at mapping things out first, but this technique really helps make sure all of the faces I do are well proportioned and it’s especially helpful when drawing multiple pictures of one person/character to keep them similar.
frameworkI’ve been trying to incorporate it into my faces now, and it helps me stop the faces becoming really wonky. Its fun to experiment with and come up with totally different looks.
On the left is a quick picture I did over my drawing of the outlines we use as the base of the face.faces
On these drawings I actually started out with the framework for the first face I did (the man) just to draw dark grey contours to try and map out a face in shadows, but then I decided to colour the whole thing in Promarkers. When I’d done that I detailed it with pen. I then decided to try and do a female face too, but with her I didn’t use as much of the framework (the cheekbones and forehead) because I didn’t want to sculpt her structure as much, so she had softer features. They look like different styles due to how I started the first drawing but the face on the right looks more symmetrical.


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