UV Unwrapping for the first time

At the start of the lesson I had an understanding of why UV Unwrapping is done and what it does, but I couldn’t do it. I once attempted to colour in a model with 3D colour, just to see my model in colour, but I never textured it. Today I learnt how to unwrap my model.

To UV unwrap I had to take sections of my model at a time in easy polygons to wrap back up. This meant splitting some objects into top and bottom pieces, like the main body of the ship, so that each side would have a flat side to colour and be put back together later as if I tried to do complicated shapes the UVs would be messy.

When I had the UV Editor open at first all of my mesh was in one space, so on my 3D model I had to select the ‘face’ option and mass select sections of the model then hit shift+right mouse button on the part of the UV highlighted in correlation to my section, then click planar map. Once it opened the selected section into a planar map I would right click on it to select ‘UV’, then I’d highlight the section on the map and click ‘Smooth UV Tool’, which meant I could unfold it into a flat polygon. I did this to every section of my model  on my UV map.

The next step I need to do is to scale them all on the map and apply the chequered lambert and make sure it’s similar on every section. I would also need to stitch some edges together where some shapes meet. They all need to be to scale in the top right corner of the map, also.

It took a while to figure out what to do just for what I’ve done now, but I think I understand what I need to do next, now.


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