In Ant’s class all of us followed a tutorial of how to code an entire game of Roll-a-Ball on Unity. I followed each of the following steps and they worked perfectly:




2. Collecting the Pick Up Objects

I found the coding simple to follow and I understood the functions behind what I was doing which was very helpful since I’m totally new to coding.
After these steps I tried to finish my game at home and ran into a few issues.
Firstly my unity at home wasn’t working correctly, so I had to go to college the next day to fix it. When I tried there it didn’t load my files at first and I worried I’d have to do it again, but eventually I got my game to work again, up to the point I’d completed before.
Afterwards I followed this tutorial, ‘3. Displaying the Score and Text‘. I did the coding the same as the video told me to and tried to run the game, but unfortunately the code didn’t work on the game-play mode, and when I returned to the creating mode the Count script was gone.
Once I can make it work I’ll be able to complete’Building the Game‘, I just couldn’t work out what I’d done wrong last time I could access Unity.


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