Today I textured a model on Maya. The model I used was Matt’s spaceship because I have not completed UV mapping my own ship yet. I took a UV snapshot of the UVs on the map, then saved it in 1024 x 1024 resolution. I opened the file in Photoshop and painted my own texture file there.
Firstly I saved a texture file from Textures.com. I chose a scratched metal to look like a strong, smooth- if slightly worn- material.
I then pasted this image over my UVs in Photoshop and used a faded black brush to paint the edges of each section with a bit of shadow to add depth to the final model.uvs painted.jpg

The UVs looked a lot neater than  I expected and I was happy with that.

I imported the image file back into Maya by adding a new material to my model. In the Hypershade I clicked the chequered button to upload an image file rather than a colour, and I then applied that to the whole ship. I did paint on blue windows in Photoshop, but on the model I highlighted those window areas separately and made a semi-transparent Phong E texture in blue to apply to them.

matts ship.png

Overall my model looked like this in the end. I could keep editing the textures to add in rust and other tweaks, but where I am right now has made me far more confident about texturing and editing UVs.


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