Silhouettes in Photoshop

Last Friday I used Photoshop to draw for the first time. Tony taught us a technique some character designers use to come up with imaginative new body designs without having to think about it, which is to use the lasso tool.
We used the lasso to scribble a shape which vaguely represented a person’s body but messily- this could take any type of form- and then we used the paint pot tool to fill in much of it in black. After adding a second layer we then had to paint in black around the shape, neatening it up, and turning it into a silhouette.
Silhouettes are useful for designers because, as a first design, the character has no detail, but their distinct features stand out immediately. By having to tidy the silhouette up, you end up using the scribble design to pick out parts of it which could become a specific asset of the character, like their hair, or a bag or gun they’re holding.

My two designs ended up being very different to each other. My first came out like a man with a gun, wearing a hat and bullet belt. My second came out like a stylised woman in a pencil shirt and heels. There was a large circle above the head which I embellished into a fringe also, which set my style for the rest of the character.silhouettes

It was really fun to try a new way of coming up with designs as I would especially have never come up with a gunman by just thinking about it. It would be a lot easier to use a silhouette to move onto a colour drawing of the same thing since the placements are really already there, where if I just tried to draw it completely I’d get the form wrong.



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