Building 3D Ships (with rendered ship)

Modelling spaceships over the past months has been great, but has been difficult too. We’ve been using Maya to get used to 3D modelling and we had to complete a rendered spaceship.

At first I modelled my own 3d Maya ship.


It was difficult to complete UVs of my own ship, so I only had an un-textured model of that, but I did manage to texture Matt’s ship. It took a while to figure out how Maya and Photoshop could create a textured ship, but now I have done it once, I understand the process.

I used images and manipulated them to make a texture for my UVs and assigned it as a Blinn material to my ship. I then made the windows with a blue PhongE, which I made partially transparent to represent the glass at the front of the ship.

After the ship was fully textured I added in 3-point-lighting (purple, yellow and white) to highlight certain angles of the ship and rendered it.ship-rendered

Afterwards I uploaded it to SketchFab so you can see the whole model. (SketchFab link)

I’m pleased with the shape of my model and with the rendered version of my textures on Matt’s model. Hopefully what I’ve learnt will translate into my future work and I’ll be able to create a model and completely render it, textures and all, myself.





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