Creating a Room Game

In Unity I’ve been making a 3D project which is a walking simulator, interactive game. Firstly I modelled the room; 4 walls, a plane and a door. I then used the (X) file to import Ant’s table, key, and chairs and scaled them onto my scene.

I added in a ‘Character’ and made them the main camera for the game by deleting the existing one. I added in code for the key which would delete it upon ‘MouseOver’. Then I also coded for the door to open at 90 degrees whenever you have contact with the key (which symbolises unlocking the door).

I then added in a spot light to represent a flashlight which would follow the camera around when you viewed things. To make the effect of the flashlight more intense I dimmed the ambient light (sunlight) surrounding the scene so you would rely more on the torch.

I also added text into the scene which instructs you to pick up the key, though in the scene at the moment there aren’t many other factors which you may confuse as being the objective.

I need to add a lot more into my room and into the game in general, but I haven’t ran into too many issues with the code so far.


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