Platform Engine Game

I edited my platform game on Flash the other day, and I managed to make it visually pleasing and mobile at the same time. I had previously designed a 2D map on Flash by using simple polygons in a silhouette format, and I had to now make it into a game.

Firstly I opened a pre-programmed platformer made by Chris, with a simple black ground and stick-man character. It allowed me to control my character and move him around the map. The (intentional) issue with the code provided was that the character would move the opposite way to the arrows I pressed, so to invert the code for left and right movements I switched ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols (appearing twice in correlation to direction in the script) around, which evidently made the character move in the correct direction.

I then opened my own game design which we made from polygons in a previous lesson. Now I had to combine my level with a functioning platformer. To do this all I did was copy across the ground from my level and embed it into the ground in Chris’, then deleted the polygon from his, so my ground was then a solid figure in the game that the character would land on. Then I just changed the background colour to another I liked for the sky.

After that I decided to edit the player’s appearance. I wanted my character to suit the scene a little bit more so I deleted the stick-man and painted a Witch into my game instead. She is just a black silhouette with a hat, exaggerated warty nose, and a broomstick to fly on.

I wanted to animate something in my scene as I’d never done it before, so my choice was the bristles of the broomstick the witch flies on. All this took was editing the keyframes of the object. I added in keyframes as i went, only really doing one change; after a few keyframes I tilted the bristles downwards for a few, so in game the broomstick would flutter continuously.

When I played through, the character didn’t jump very high, so I edited the code again and set the height of the jump to 20, meaning she had a further, longer jump, making the broomstick flight make more sense.

I like how my game looks so far even though I’m new to Flash, coding is hard to do from the start but editing it helped me see what the functions were.

I have no images of my game until next time I get access to my files at college to update this post.


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