Lighting and Rendering

We’ve been learning a lot about lighting and rendering in Matt’s class. We need to know all of the aspects because we can render our models with lighting so we know how it would look in a scene, especially in Maya.

Directional light is light which is coming from a source. It controls where an object is hit with light on an angle, and therefore where a shadow is cast. Indirect light is bounced direct light (reflected).

Ambient light is automatic simulated bounced light. It is flood light so it makes the scene flat. It isn’t the best effect but it is the fastest way to light a scene.

Point light is a point source which emits light in all directions from anywhere it is located.

Area light is when light is emitted in one direction  from a particular area/zone.

Volume light goes through an object, it can be useful for lighting through windows.

Light intensity is how strong the light is depending on how close it is to an object.

Light colour is just the colour of the light emitted. Colours can add different moods to a scene and can be used to represent the time of day when used in natural light.

Light linking determines which specific surface a light will illuminate.

Light cookies (or Cuculoris) is used to cast patterned shadows and silhouettes in a scene to create artistic illuminations.

Three point lighting is when 3 (directional or otherwise) lights are placed on an object; the main, fill, and back light. Main lights light the object, back lights make sure you can see the silhouette of it and prevent it blending into the background, and fill lights softly light the rest of the shadows.

Depth Map, and Raytraced, shadows are the way to make a shadow from a light source. On Maya light sources do not produce shadows so both of these can be used and combined to create some. Depth Map is usually the best choice as it is quicker to render.

Maya software renderer is used to produce a high quality image of your final product, including all assets (such as texture and lighting).

Mentalray renderer is an improvement on the existing rendering software- it renders out higher quality images for complex projects quickly.





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