First Maya Animation

Last week in Matt’s class we learned the 12 principals of animation, then we were taught how we could animate a cube to lift/jump and fall again by using the pose-to-pose method. When I went home that night I decided to texture a cube myself, and create a small scene, including some of the features I have learnt about, of this cube rolling around and jumping a bit.

I textured the cube into a dice first of all, and added three point lighting to my scene.cube-texture-neatAll of that was only to enhance my animation,though, because I was really enthusiastic to complete even a small project like this, since I’ve wanted to learn how to animate since being young.

Unfortunately, though I finished it last week, it took me ages to figure out the right Playblast settings. Firstly it exported really low quality, then in high quality but totally stretched. I eventually put it to the settings of 1280 x 720 and it rendered correctly.

I’m totally happy with how my animation experiment went, and that I could finally upload a decent video of it to YouTube. I can’t wait to do more.


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