Robot Inspirations

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The first robots I could think of for my robot design in Tony’s class were the ones from Robots. I love their clever designs based on scrap metal pieces- for the most part- being put to new use. I like that they’re stylised still with big, round eyes of all kids, bright colours, and expressive faces. It reminded me of Wall-E because,not only is his style similar enough, he collects scraps alone on earth in the movie and sort of became a scrap robot himself. I loved both movies when I was younger so I’d like to create a robot with the same kind of materials and style as these.

The most creative robot I recall from Robots was the  Dishwashing Dad (since his stomach had a purpose for his career).
Image result for robots dishwasher dad

I also remember both movies displaying a totally opposite kind of robot; ones which were designed to make the old ones obsolete. These were the Robots of Robot City and the modern robots from Wall-E, like Bigweld and Eve. i’ll use their more modern looks as inspiration too.



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