Robot Sketches

These are some robot sketches I did on paper based off the inspirations I outlined in a previous post from movies such as Wall- E and Robots. I’m not entirely happy with all of them and they’re a bit messy but it was fun to play around with ideas.

I feel like I drift more towards drawing human-like figures with my designs, mainly as I struggled to think of original robot material ideas, and because I am so used to drawing people more than anything else.

I added in some colour in places (such as the last photo) as the Robots movie designs I looked at were so bright and the colour was a part of the appeal, as well as to show how different generations would look of a similar model.

With some I imagined a function or object a robot could be built around- like pulling apart so the head could be a detachable drone, or having wheels like a computer chair or a jet instead of legs- giving the ‘bots mobility variation.

I look forward to continuing to experiment with ideas of my own and developing my robot designs further- and want to come up with a final design I am happy with.


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