Lamp Animation

In Maya we have been animating a Lamp Rig for Matt’s lessons. We learned how to animate cubes, which I worked on some more at home, and the 12 principals of animation, and now we are working with more complicated rigs with multiple Pivots.

The animation needed to be set to 24 fps, and the lamp needed to be made into a character set. A character set makes the animation easier to do because no matter which parts of the rig you move, you only need to hit S once to set a key frame on all of the set, rather than only on that one particular point. Turning the set off can be easier to tweak certain things though.

For this animation I did a pop-through, which means there would be no animation between key frames, so I could see the main actions my animation would take and when. I think it helped with making use of the pose to pose method. I managed this by using the graph editor.

Once I had my animation mapped out I then used the regular playing option to refine frames in between. I tried to use squash and stretch, anticipation and secondary action primarily here.

I like my animation but it could use some refining. This was my second attempt at animating the lamp. In my first one I didn’t use pop-through and, since I disliked that animation so much, I restarted and used the method to create a totally new scene.


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