Walking Simulator

We made walking simulator games in Ant’s class which began as 4 walls, a dining room set, a door, a key, and a radio. In class we coded the key to be placed into an inventory when it is clicked on, so it is destroyed from the scene. Once the key is in your inventory you can click the door and it will open (which we had a script applied to so it would swing open rather than jump). We also added music to the radio.

We also made a character which would be our main camera (first-person) and coded for them to have a ‘Flashlight’ which was a spotlight attached to it which can be toggled on and off by clicking ‘F’.

At home we needed to add more into our scene. I decided to model a chest in Maya, one which was made of 2 polygons- the bottom of the box and the lid. I animated the lid in Maya to open and then textured it before adding it into my dining room. I also made a second room with a couch and TV- with a unit- and a rug, and some windows for both rooms. I textured the rooms to make them look better also.


I spent a long time trying various ways of scripting the chest to open upon mouse down; the idea was that I would place the key in the chest and you would have to click the chest to open it and collect the key before you could open the door. I got close but not close enough to animating this alone, and needed Ant’s help with it before we tested everyone’s games so far.chest.png

Other issues I need to still fix are providing purpose to the battery in my scene and keep adding to the game so that my door in the next room can be given a function and somewhere to lead to. I could also do with fixing the colour of the windows and adding more assets into the space so it’s harder to find the key.


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