3D Room in Maya

Over the past month we had an at home assignment from Matt to complete. We were told we had to create an entire room full of assets in Maya; either a room for our home which had to be as identical as possible to the real thing, or a spaceship room. I chose to recreate my living room, as my bedroom is very cluttered and I preferred the idea of trying to match an existing room rather than inventing one.

I began by doing assets. Firstly the seats, fireplace and mirror to map out and help scale the room for the next assets. I did create each asset as separate files, and I had a ‘Room’ Maya binary file in the same project for importing each asset into afterwards as they were completed.

After those I started on my units- a cupboard, TV unit, some drawers, a table, box and other smaller things, like a clock and picture in a picture frame. I had some trouble with textures on these, some only worked at college and some only worked at home, and some were normal until importing where the UVs were messy sometimes and not others (this could be to do with me not changing the names of the materials before importing so the files wouldn’t get muddled up, but sometimes all of the textures would be correct and other times none of the UV unwrapped textures were, as the UVs were all over the place). Every time I’d open my project some of the UVs had moved, so getting most of the renders had to be done at once. When taking the renders in my Powerpoint, the drawers under the stairs proved to be difficult to fix, so I used my FBX export of them,which showed up slightly transparent on photos, but at least the textures were on. For the other assets I mainly used exisiting textures or colours, but for the picture inside the frame I got a photo of the actual thing and edited it into the centre of the UV.

After that I made my window- the window was odd as one section of it doesn’t open so has less panels as the others, but it worked out okay in the end. I then took a photo of my garden from the perspective of the window and made that the texture over the ‘glass’-The effect this created is one of my favourite parts about the room.

I made a TV  which I was quite happy with. I had difficulty texturing a lot of things, but with the TV I managed to do a back blinn around the outside, a translucent grey around the edge, a dark grey lambert on the screen and even the little Samsung logo on the front, by just adding text to my Photoshop UV file and editing it. The outcome was closer to the real thing than I’d expected.

I textured the floor and then made a rug and staircase. The staircase took quite a while and scaling it to the room was difficult, though I really like the look of it and think it makes the room look instantly a lot more like my real house. The rug was simple to do, and I made my own texture for it by taking a photo as bird’s eye as my arms could reach, then editing it in Photoshop before applying it to the model.

The walls proved to be challenging, as they are very complicated in that room of the house. I did the best I could do replicate the shape of the room, though and textured the wallpaper by using photos of my real wall. I then made doors which fit nicely into the walls I made so I think I did alright with the scale,and the doors were easy to model.


Overall I am happy with my room, but feel I can go further with it, as I’ve ran into many difficulties with texturing which have taken up a lot of time to constantly fix- so knowing what I do now, I could have spent more time making more assets, and because I feel like I have learnt a lot about modelling, but could do even more, like using nCloths. For comparison photos to the real room I used a powerpoint: roompresentation



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