Christmas Animation : Week 1- Planning

Last week I began planning an animation for the I’m Awesome project. Mine is Christmas themed, as it will be a story of Santa Claus and his present. To begin the process I researched some TV  idents- such as the ones from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and E4. These idents are all only a few seconds long, and show examples of how simple characters can interact in that time.

I also researched some simplistic characters from TV shows, like Eve from Wall-E, Olaf from Frozen, and some others. In the character research I also looked at some 3D Santa Claus figures because I intended to take the style of what I looked at and use it to make my own Santa rig.

I then did a storyboard for my animation. It included Santa finding a present under his hat, trying to reach out for it, and the present backing away from him, then choosing to come closer itself.


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