Christmas Animation: Week 2

In week 2 we learnt what animation blocking (pop-through) is in more detail and what passes are.

A Pop-Through can be made by editing your graph editor by setting the tangents to ‘Stepped’. This eliminates the curvatures between key frames and lets the animation ‘pop’ between key frames, letting you see the timings of your animation and the positions of your rig in a block fashion, with less confusion. The animation can disguise which frames were manual when playing through, so without the automated movement you can only see which frames you have made and how naturally they transition. This is also known as blocking, which seems appropriate for how stiff the movement is and because it’d the first step to building your animation, like the building blocks.

We also watched videos of some movie animation passes. We watched one of Tangled, where mother Gothel and Rapunzel are interacting, and one of Anna from frozen as a child. The Tangled one showed more in depth processes, including the acting, so I’ll link that here:
As a huge fan of tangled and every part of the production of the movie, it was really cool to see that video as I hadn’t before.

I finished my model textures for now, the Santa claus and the box are textured, not exactly how I’d like, but good enough for now as I’d like to focus on my animation next lesson and tweak what I need to at the end.

I made my model into a rig by using hierarchies and moving my pivot points.
I made the belly the main parent and dragged the head, arms and face in to be its children. Then I made the hands the children of the arms, and the hat and box separate entities.

This should allow me to make the rig into a character set to make animation smooth when it comes to it.


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