My ‘Calendar’ Christmas Game Menu

In my last post I wrote about how my class were supposed to make a collaborative Christmas themed game full of mini-games. We chose to do 25 so everyone could make their own separate games ideally and we’d bring them together in the end.

I offered to do the opening menu for the game as well as my mini-game. The menu idea was to have it look like an advent calendar, with 25 doors for 25 levels. I designed it and layered the design so that if we couldn’t do all 25 games I could delete the layer with the doors on, move the ‘Merry Christmas’ down, and add a little bit more to make it into a regular menu.

I did the design in Adobe Animate where all the games would be, with the same resolution we’d decided on (1920 x 1080) so it would fit into the game easily. I wrote the words, numbers, and drew the holly with a graphics tablet, then used the mouse and tools on Flash to draw the rest of the simple design. I re-used the snowflake dotting the ‘i’ in my mini-game too.

Unfortunately right now this menu isn’t being used, but I’m still happy with how it turned out.



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