Dystopia/Utopia Brief

Tony gave us a new brief last week to look at some dystopias for concept art. He showed us some of the concept art for Blade Runner, and talked a bit about 1984 (and their ‘Big brother is watching’ lifestyle in the movie), and suggested we take a look at some of the other stories we could think of for inspiration; as after this we will be thinking of our own dystopia (or possibly utopia) and invent a vehicle which would fit into that world and serve a purpose.

For me a dystopia would be ideal to design for, as service vehicles are usually used to be correctional, and there’s less to correct in a utopia as they’re near perfect. I do, on the other hand, think that services may be the reason for a utopia’s success.

I don’t know of many utopias- I could say the world in ‘Invention of a Lie’ could have been one since everything ran quite smoothly in the world full of honesty, but since the main character hated it and the world still needed to be ‘fixed’ it suggests it was not perfect all along.

I haven’t put as much thought into utopias yet, but did create a moodboard powerpoint primarily based on fictional dystopias which came to mind. Hunger Games particularly interested me as I can see the utopia lifestyle of the Capitol feeds off of the other districts, and by District 12 life is dystopic and the people are controlled entirely. I think this idea makes a lot of sense, that a world may only be a utopia under massive stress and constant supervision, possibly causing life to be the opposite elsewhere. I think my idea will feed off that one.


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