My Portfolio Presentation

I’m back blogging after Christmas (merry Christmas) and I’m going to do a post about my portfolio I presented earlier this month to Matt, and how it went.

For my portfolio I included work from all of the subjects we cover, and on the presentation they are categorised and titled in the top right of each slide. This is my portfolio. It was quite difficult to decide which work was best to put in and how to present it as I’ve never done this before, but I was happy that this was my best attempt at doing it alone. Now I have a lot of feedback on areas I need to work on as well as areas I did well on to improve it for the end of year portfolio.

I’m aiming as high as I can get and i am working hard and I’m pleased that at the minute I have been told I could get a pass showing this at the end of the year, arguably a merit and that if I follow Matt’s advice it could help me reach a distinction grade in the future. If I focus on perfecting work I have more interest in, and then keep working on building up skills in ones I find difficult, I should end up with a better grade. For example if I focus on my animations, instead of doing lots of average ones I could do less of them but with a higher quality to show I can incorporate as many skills as I can into just one or few pieces of work.

Also in the presentation itself I don’t need to worry as much as I did about time limit as what I had to say went by quickly even though I thought I’d go over-time, which means I can space out my work onto more slides to show it better and pace myself. I need to present more work I do outside of college and show I can use the skills we learn to make my own projects too.

Another pointer I would love to showcase more of (which I was lacking in my presentation) was to include my thought processes behind my work; concept art with notes on and the developments up to a final piece, notes of ideas for a game, storyboards for animations etc. I like showing my thought process so I will be including far more of this in a way that makes sense next time.

Finally another bit of advice was to make sure all work on paper is scanned in to improve the quality even of it’s early concepts, and to work on my lighting and rendering to get better images from Maya to show my models more clearly.

The feedback I got made me feel confident that I’m on the right path, and I’m very happy I know where I need to improve and how to do it.


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