Analysing a Pixar Short

I am analysing this Pixar short, Mike’s New Car, for it’s use of the 12 Principals of Animation:

At the very beginning we have anticipation, where Mike and Sully are behind the door, then in front of it, and then after mike walks away Sully opens his eyes and sees something we cannot yet. This is suspenseful and makes the viewer wonder what it is he can see.

Mike goes through a few emotional states while Sully keeps adjusting his seat; at first we see squash and stretch as Sully has to squeeze into the vehicle, then slowly relaxes as his seat moves down, only to squash into the side afterwards. Then we see appeal as Mike reacts to the situations and grows frustrated until they both are a bit shocked by the beeping.

When mike is standing at the bonnet and the hood is closed on his fingers there is a pause before he jumps and screams in pain. This is an example of squash and stretch and also of exaggeration because he lifts off the ground. Immediately afterwards he is launched in the air by the same hood, and lands on the machinery inside, causing him to spin, jump, and scream in pain; all of this is secondary action, and his arms flinging around is overlapping action.

The scene set up is an example of staging because you are outside of the car looking in through the window like a pedestrian on the street outside so it feels realistic, and you can see the action from the big front window. When the car malfunctions totally near the end the camera view shows everything at once and then pans out and you see the car from a distance, where all of the action is happening in just one part of the street.


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