Utopia Idea

For Tony’s latest brief I have come up with my idea; I decided to do a Utopia rather than a Dystopia because the idea for it came to mind the moment we were asked to do this, and since then I haven’t come up with anything I prefer.


Above is my original plan for the world my vehicle will be based in, but it may be difficult to read my handwriting, so I’ll go over my main points:

My idea (since the timeline for the project is within the next 50-100 years) was that due to population growth, lack of fossil fuels and evolution, humans would end up building into untouched animal habitats and overpopulate the places we have for ourselves, meaning that we would have to co-exist in the same places as other species. I wasn’t sure if the idea made sense until I looked up the facts to back it up, which I noted in the first paragraph.

That means animals would roam our streets, and we would build houses which don’t damage their environments, but do take up space where they used to roam. At first that seems like a Dystopia, but the idea is that by around 2100 we have altered the human parts of the world to be more animal friendly, and we would be environmentally conscious when building in rain-forests, deserts etc. Animals would not be killed for aesthetic gain- either because it is illegal or because it is at least frowned upon and not enjoyed anymore now they’re in society. Zoos would only protect animals but would need to follow their rights, so if there was no need for them to be protected, they would be free as humans would see them anyway.
tigerThis pencil drawing was a concept sketch for the sort of things you would expect to see in this hypothetical future. It’s meant to be a tiger sitting on some cardboard boxes guarding a closed down fur and leather shop when the world is first changing.

I think no Utopia could come about if it wasn’t made to fix world issues- so the reason it becomes a Utopia eventually is because it is the most perfect the world could be, given the circumstances.

In any case, I need to create a service vehicle, designed to perform a task specific to my world. For me it would be a service which either provides for animals, or is an emergency services vehicle for conflict between humans and animals. By all habitats that includes underwater too. I saw once that in Vegas they have underwater airtight hotels, and eventually that could become an option for permanent housing- so I could have variations of the vehicle which could perform underwater, up heights, and on regular ground.

My vehicle would also be environmentally clean, because all of the fossil fuels had already been drilled and wasted to cause this change, so it would need to be powered in another way, just as anything else would. Probably electricity from renewable sources so it would make sense.

Now I am ready to explore the idea of what the world would look like, and why I’d need a vehicle in certain scenarios, then I can finally begin my design ideas.



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