Christmas Animation Week 3 + 4

Firstly this lesson we had a peer review of our animations by someone else in the room. I paired with Adam (whose animation is a burger and drink arguing, it looks great so far) and he gave me some constructive criticism. I was told my animation was good and had a lot of effort put into it, but at the time I hadn’t animated the hat fully so that needed to be fixed. He also advised me to leave some pauses in my ident for dramatic effect, which I will hopefully do near the end of my production. I think the overall finish of the product includes edits in timing which would be easier to do when the whole scene is animated.

Last week I animated my box. I had issues with Maya last week, so I didn’t save where I was up to. I had 2 big errors. I had to use a lattice on my box to achieve the squash and stretch effect on it properly, and this caused issues. The lattice was so close to the cube that Matt had to help me be able to interact with the lattice points rather than the cube’s vertices. When this eventually worked I tried to move the frames for the cube along the timeline, but no matter what I had selected in the scene, no frames showed up for my box. Matt also couldn’t figure out why I was having the error but found the frames in the graph editor so I could move them on there, it’s just less convenient.

The other error was that a vertex from the top my santa model had pulled through the entire model and made a spike out of the bottom of the mesh. I tried to move this back and it kept saying to turn off ‘Preserve UVs’ which at the time neither me nor Matt could do in that time. Thankfully the next lesson Matt fixed it for me straightaway and now I now how to d that myself in my modeling settings.

Errors aside I did get some of my animation done that week and finished the majority of it In week 4. I Managed to do the 3 assets; present, santa, and hat. I firstly animated the hat flip, then realized it would wobble a lot trying to make it follow the head movements manually- so  then parented the head to the hat and struggled against some automatic movement at the beginning frames for the benefit of having the hat sit on the head and move with Santa as he does smoothly. This took quite a lot of time to figure out but so far I think the animation looks almost exactly as I’d planned.

I still need to do some pauses and other refinements to my animation. I am very pleased with the WIP and I will do cameras, lighting and background next week to complete it before I render it out.


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