Christmas Animation Week 5

This week I finished my animation. I animated movement in my hat, and the pauses where I felt they were necessary.

My ident needed to be 5-10 seconds long, and have the inanimate objects in the scene come to life with emotion.

The idea behind my animation was the robotic-looking Santa Claus would interact with an undelivered present he finds trying to hide under his hat. This present then flinches away when he reaches for it, then comes to him. The hat in the scene represents what maybe eyebrow movement would for emotion; when Santa is shocked, the hat goes straight, and as he leans in towards the present, it drops forward towards what he wants.

I don’t have a Playblast from this week as I’m in the process of batch rendering before I export it, but Matt helped me put a ‘use background’ in the scene and some lights with the shadows enabled. I took a render of this to see how my batch would turn out.



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