Christmas Animation Week 6 (Final)

Last week I finally completed my animation assignment. My final steps were to Batch Render, and export my animation.

To export the Maya animation  footage I did a Batch Render of the scene. This created 3 files of images in my project folder. The second file had the correct perspective of the camera zooming in at the end. I then had to do the process of setting up a project in Premiere before importing the images. I followed Matt’s tutorial and this all went smoothly. I almost tried using Premiere Pro to do the next step at college but there was no time, so I downloaded it at home.

I had never used the software before. I had to try exporting a few times before I got it to work. I had a number of issues, from the background not importing due to my alpha settings on rendering, the lighting being dark, the export settings having an issue, and having the background I added be a second too long. I tried to fix most of these at the time of the export, but the video had to be cropped once it was uploaded to YouTube to eliminate that second at the end.

I had to try multiple different export techniques as a setting wouldn’t show up for me on the one in the tutorial. Thankfully, I restarted the software and did the same thing again, but this time it showed up, and everything worked perfectly.

Because it was late as this stage I exported everything, then realised it was the wrong perspective, so I redid it with the proper footage. I wasn’t too bothered that I did that, though, as I was just excited to hvae figured out how to do things correctly.

To convert the movie clip file that exported into an MP4, I downloaded WinXHD Video Converter Deluxe and ran it through that software before uploading it to YouTube.

I am so happy with the animation I did. I have always wanted to animate so even something short like this is a big achievement. I want to still, later on, fix things with it (like adding another light- though I like the colour payoff here it could still be brighter and have the same effect-, maybe adding sound, and extending the final second of the video) but I’m still proud of what I came up with so far.


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