Low Poly Modelling

We have begun a group project in Matt’s lessons to create a Tile scene of a low-poly race track of some sort. Team leaders were selected and they formed teams out of the rest of us. I joined a group with Kyle, Jack, and Oscar.

Our team came up with a lot of ideas, many inspired by real life racing and by games like Mario Kart. We eventually decided to do a double sided tile, where each side of the road would have it’s own environment, which meant 4 in total (upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right). I haven’t added to the environment modelling yet though, as I’ve made a car, a flag, and a traffic cone. I can only get photos of the car for now though, since my home Maya won’t open the files I made at college properly for renders.

We have to keep the models 1000 tris or under and we can go as low as possible to keep them stylised. Keeping the car under this number was a challenge as it is the first low-poly model I’ve made, but in our second lesson Matt showed us useful tips about deleting edge loops and using the Mudbox-like feature on Maya to keep the polys down and the model looking good.

I’m getting used to the idea of the low-poly models, until now I didn’t really want to make any because I’ve always wanted to know how to model in detail and create things I see in movies, but I realised I also see a lot of low poly things too- like in Crossy Road, for example. Its pushing me to make something good under a restriction and I’m really liking it.


Making the car reminded the others and I of Mario’s car in Mario Kart DS- I say DS because the graphics make it look similar- and animating the flag reminded me slightly of the graphics (though I’m not sure why) in games like Donkey Kong country 3, where 3D models were turned into 2D sprites, and weren’t too detailed or smooth moving because of the game itself. I realised that keeping polys low and texturing them carefully could make an object look better than if the detail was in the model, rather than its paint.

I’m excited to see how this will all turn out.


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