Partner Game: Mobster Madness

I have been quite absent from my blog recently because with the coding exam approaching I realised I needed to try by best to focus on getting some skills in programming. Ant set us a task to make a game in pairs to help us have a project which would include a lot of the skills we’d need to know to make a game, so I have spent a lot of time trying to complete that task with Kyle.

Our initial idea was to have  a birds eye view of a city with a gunman and a target. The gunman would be a mobster and the target would be someone they’re hired to shoot who is running through some civilians to a building which the mobster should not allow them to reach.

We created 3 prefabs- Mobster, Civilian, Target- and had them as coloured dots for a while so we could set up their programming in a level. As it is birds eye view, the building prefab we made afterwards (which had no code, just a rigidbody2d and box collider, applied) could be just rectangle. We set out some buildings, placed in the characters and Kyle did the waypoint movement of the target, so he would follow a path to the building he was headed to.

Kyle then worked on the player movement, and I repainted the prefabs in Photoshop, along with painting a ground.

We managed to get a bullet to shoot from the player but we have spent a lot of time searching for ways to get it to actually collide with any other objects. That’s our main issue right now. We would like to be able to make the Mobster face the mouse direction, as the bullets follow the mouse, but have him still move with the arrow keys. We’re also working on getting the civilians to spawn and move automatically into the scene, as they’re obstacles you cannot shoot.


We also have a menu built in to the game now and we used the same format as we did on Bass Booster and the space game we did with Ant a while ago to get the button to trigger the next level. Once we get the bullet to work we should be able to use the same principals with the game’s levels; Shooting the civilian restarts you/game overs you, shooting the target moves you on wards, and not shooting him in time before he reaches the building restarts you.

I like how the game is going so far and I hope I learn from doing it.


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