VFX Studio Research and New Ideas

Our first lesson with Gary introduced us to another side of VFX. We were told we could start coming up with ideas for our own project and were shown how movies use so much VFX- even in scenes you wouldn’t expect.

I know now the extent of what layers of VFX can do to create an entire realistic scene for a film, pictures on top of footage overlapping one another until you have something that looks totally believable.

Firstly, though, we were asked to look at some VFX studios and pick one to write about and, though I could choose one I recognised more, I decided to look into ‘Milk’ because I’d not heard of them before now and they’ve worked on a few things I’ve seen.

Milk Studios is based in London and Cardiff, and is an independent VFX company. The company is owned by Will Cohen, Sara Bennett, Nicolas Hernandez, Jean-Clause Deguara, and Murray Barber.

In the past few years they’ve won awards, such as an Oscar for feature film Ex-Machina, an Emmy for Sherlock (The Abominable Bride special) and 3 BAFTAs.

They’ve worked on other things, such as Doctor Who, Divergent, Snow White and the Huntsman, Thunderbirds, and more.

The studios are currently looking for Lighting TDs , Senior animators, Modellers, Texturers, and CG and VFX supervisors. I’d personally be interested in the animation.

I would want to animate for a big production company because since forever I’ve had a passion to learn the craft and I finally am, and a visual fx studio like Milk would allow me to use those effects to enhance my work and incorporate it into scenes.

To submit applications they ask for CVs and showreels to show off your talent.

I really like the look of this company, they definitely pulled off a brilliant twist in Sherlock, their work is really impressive and it is inspiring me to have more interest in what I make in VFX.

I’m really looking forward to doing my first original VFX project with my own footage, ideas and direction. I have some way to go first but I’m excited to learn!


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