My Utopian Vehicle

In Tony’s lessons we have been coming up with designs for a service vehicle in a  Dystopian/Utopian world. My vehicle idea serves the purpose of preventing minor conflict between multiple animals (including humans).

I wrote about what the world would be like in my utopia in the blog post I linked, but basically it’s a world 50-100 years from now where animals and humans live in harmony amongst one another because of human overpopulation. This would improve life quality for animals, and teach humans to stop using animals’ environments selfishly.

I came up with some designs on paper, which was difficult to get the hang of because vehicles are new to me. I tried to base them all on a vehicle which serves the purpose I mentioned about preventing crime and conflicts.

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I decided to do a drone with a mix of the copter design (with spiked legs), and the rounded van with the arcade-like claw. Those designs were closest to my original idea, and I could see how a mix of the two could be adapted for underwater environments, and other tough terrain. I liked the smooth shape of the sports car and used the 4-wheel drive idea for the boosters, and the cage idea came from the trucks I drew with cages on the back.

My drone- which is supposed to be about the size of a police van- has 4 boosters, a giant helicopter propeller, and 2 long arms with claws (for breaking up fights and carrying creatures). There’s a large mirrored glass top-floor for the drivers, and a round cage below to match, which would carry the perpetrators or injured animals for the flight to a safe station.drone

I did this design in Photoshop. I’m still not a confident digital artist, but with the help of a lot of layering, and experimental paintbrushes, I managed to come up with a concept I’m happy with. The arms are a bit jagged since I did the majority of this at college with a graphics tablet and for some reason I didn’t do my last save there properly, meaning I lost the smoother arms I drew. I don’t mind too much as it’s meant to be metal pieces bending.

I drew the sky in the vehicle’s reflection, so I decided to do a background just to place it in an environment. This shows that it would fly above tree height to not interfere with daily life unless there was a job to do. It also shows that having the glass give you a 360 degree view would be useful to see everything.


This has been an interesting challenge, as I never draw vehicles, and doing it has helped me with concept art, digital art, and thinking outside of the box.


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