Room Project Update

This month I have been steadily improving my room project I began months ago in Matt’s class.

I made my living room in Maya and got good feedback on my models and textures. I also was asked to do more small objects and accessories, then to re-do some renders with better lighting and quality.

I did some new models; Curtains (which don’t match photos as I did my old living room curtains from memory, which were cream and could be strapped sideways), candles, clock hands, a radiator, a lamp, and 2 door handles. I found it so much easier to do these models than I did doing the project the first time around. I think some practice during the break in this assignment has helped me get to grips with basic Maya skills- so I can work faster now- and now I can try new things, like using the curve tool to do the curtains.


I fixed my models with Photoshopped textures. Last time around I had big issues with the textures constantly breaking between opening and closing the project, and with them going transparent and messing up randomly. I had no idea how to fix this problem, so I assumed doing more of my room would be tricky. Thankfully, Matt recently showed me how to unplug the transparency that is automatically imported from Photoshop when I use PSD files as textures- I did this to my rug and units and never have had a problem since. Now renders look so much better and you can see my objects properly.

I added the new models into the scene and it instantly felt more like my home. I then set up 3 point lighting for each shot, and used the Maya Renderer to take my pictures. In the rendering window I set the photos to ‘RAW’ and used HD resolution on them. This improved the look of my pictures as they are less washed out, and the vibrancy brings out the textures more.

I added the new renders as a second half to my original project PowerPoint, mainly because I had photographs compared with my last renders to show what’s in the room and how it is to scale. Hopefully putting the updated renders afterwards shows a clear difference in quality and shows off my new assets.

roompresentation1 – This is the updated PowerPoint.


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