Character Designing – Head Sketching Research & Écorché

Tony asked us last lesson to look at other people’s drawings of heads. We are beginning character design and are looking at how heads are shaped. We did one lesson a while ago on drawing faces, but now we’re looking at the whole head.

For research I gathered selections of head drawings to help me see the way people develop their sketches. I’ve labelled these images with the reasons I saved them for reference.

I also got pictures of celebrities faces as  references. I tried to get a range of faces in different angles, to show some diversity and get a look at what is always similar with he head, and what can be changed.
Image result for audrey hepburn side profile
Related image
Image result for paul ruddImage result for bruno mars head

We did a Google VR session the other week where we looked at muscles on different parts of the body with Tony. Afterwards we looked closely at the muscles on the head, images of this are called écorché; where it looks like the skin has been peeled back on a person’s head, exposing every muscle, vein, and bone. Seeing this shows us how the face moves, what muscles bulk up the face, and the way the face ends as it curves round to the side of the head.

We had our own turn of drawing écorché muscle art on a picture of a celebrity’s face. I chose to paint over half of Chris Evans’ face in Photoshop. This meant looking at other écorché images as a reference and applying what I saw to this image, matching up the muscles to his facial features. It’s not extremely detailed, but it does sow the muscles I intended it to.


I look forward to doing more of this project as I have always wanted to design characters.


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