Fox Game

In our last programming lesson we started making our own individual games. Everyone had to come up with a theme for a birds-eye view game where their character had to reach a goal without being hit/shot at.

Luckily Kyle and I had some practice when we started our partner games with setting one of these games up. This time around I had to do it on my own.

In the lesson we started by writing 3 lesson objectives for ourselves. I decided to draw 2 elements of my game on Photoshop, and come up with a conclusive idea for the game.

I came up with my idea: to have a fox which comes into the house at night to steal something or reach a goal without being hunted down.

Then I drew my fox character on Photoshop. It was a simple design made to look like it had dimension by painting it in gradients.


Finally I painted a lot of the house (without walls, which would be added in as assets) and I’m still working on that, but overall I like the style I’ve went with, I just hope I can learn how to code it and bring the whole project together nicely.




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