Home Sketches

I’ve done two fine-liner sketches these past two days just while I’ve been at home. I want to do more updates on my game but I don’t have my USB tonight and thought I’d post some home drawings. I have a sketchbook from the Disney shop with pages I try not to waste- that means I spend time trying to fix drawings rather than rip them out or dismiss them (granted, I have a dreadful dinosaur drawing I began and plan to somehow cover).

Firstly I let my mind wander and drew a waitress taking off her apron when she spots a job opening in a designer fashion shop window.

I took two pictures (one with flash off) because of the different appearance off the crosshatch shading. Not all of it is crossed, but I tried some of it in that style. This began as just a sketch of a waitress, slight shading down her left side, but I wanted to show why she was about to ditch the apron. I tried to draw some background details around the shop window, like the street with the puddles and shadow of the girl, but it was only to tie it together. If I planned ahead I could have been more accurate with perspective and tidiness, but for a developed doodle I’m quite happy.

The next is a line drawing, with no cross shading at all, of a mermaid; sand in her hand, staring out at the sea. mermaidUsually I naturally begin to shade drawings – and sometimes go too heavy – so completing a drawing without that, which could even be coloured afterwards, was different for me. I like how clean it looks and I don’t tend to draw scenery at all, I’d rather use paint for that, so it was even more challenging to stick to a certain style when drawing the sea.
(p.s. the black in the corner is the curve of the page edge.)

I want to draw more of my own ideas like this in my book, because since GCSE art I’ve continued using paints, markers, and now even Photoshop, to do entire scenes. I do love to doodle and sketch whenever I can but I like to spend time on pencil and pen drawings too.



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