Sky Replacements with VFX

Space Replacement

The first of my sky replacements was extreme. I followed along Gary’s tutorial and used one of his sample images of a man walking along a path on a regular street. I then took a space themed image from Google and added it in-between two of the original images. I added a linear wipe at 30% to my sky and toggled the view of my top layer in my project off.

Next, I feathered the bottom of the image of the sky so that, with any luck, it might look natural against the street.

Then I added linear colour key to the top footage with view toggled back on. Then, I colour picked the sky so the new sky would appear through without overlapping any of the scene.

To complete the look, I used the curve tool to re-touch the colour of the top layer. That meant I could make the ground etc. purple so the sky fit better with the scene; like how the grass is greener with a blue sky  and yellow sun, in my scene it reflected the sky colour.

To add a final touch I added a space rock burning in the bottom corner and my vehicle from Tony’s project into the scene (Even though I had to edit the glass to reflect a different sky first), purely to add something to my project.

Colorama Sky

For the second sky replacement, I used 3 layers of the same image of an industrial street with a plain grey sky.

I added colorama to the top layer and tackled the ramp grey settings. I created a black and white matte by moving the arrows on the greyscale cycle.

On the middle layer I changed track matte to luma inverted matte and made the other layers invisible. Then I placed a new sky above the bottom layer with an opacity of only 70% so it looked more blend-able with the bottom layer.

Finally I pre-composed the top 2 layers and voila! Clouds.

I like both skies for different reasons; The first I liked because it was so vibrant and fun, which I could have tried with colorama, but I liked the second sky too- as the finished product seemed realistic (and that’s the real goal).


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