Industry Standard Asset

In Matt’s class we were split into groups and had to come up with an agreeable theme for a group project. That project was to build an asset or two each and put them all together in one scene. The theme we chose was fantasy, and that meant we would make a licing space for a Wizard, where he would go to study in his house. In that space we wanted spiral stairs, bookshelves, potions and more.

I am responsible for making the wizard’s armchair. I did some research of photos of chairs I wanted to use as inspiration and also began designing how the chair would look when completed in Maya. My chair had to be tall, worn, and comfortable. I also wanted to include bare wood instead of a polished frame to give it character.


I drew up my designs which I’m liking so far, but if they don’t look totally right in 3D I will change aspects. I have made the body of the chair on Maya so far and it is low poly.  will later duplicate the model and make a higher poly, detailed model, and bake the detail onto the original. This will be done using a Normal Map- which is used in industry to keep the poly count low when assets are brought into a scene in a game. Everything will load faster, take up less storage, and look the same as the detail will be in the textures, mainly.


The next step will be to make the legs and framework of the chair in low poly.


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