Monster Mock-Ups

In Tony’s class we were given a brief to design a character. The character should  be based on something we might fear running into in our own homes. I have come up with some concepts that just came to mind when I considered what I’d be scared to run into in different rooms of the house.

The first was what Tony suggested; the attic. I don’t know how a dog came into mind, other than it being a household pet, at first, but I turned it into a dog-spider-hybrid. It is an imagined idea of a pet which had been bitten by a spider from the loft and hid up there with its now 8 legs.


Then I thought of a garden. I  thought of the rodents that would live there and what I’d be terrified to see. I could have went down a Little Shop Of Horrors plant-horror inspired path, but I stuck to animals. I mixed ideas up for this one- rat, bat, bird, frog, and man-sized body (demonstrated by it holding a rake).


Then I thought of a bathroom environment whilst I only had a lined notebook with me and sketched up a bathtub monster which could grip on slippy walls using it’s plunger tentacles.


My favourite pencil sketch was my burger monster. For the kitchen. It is totally different to the others but I was happy with the idea. I could picture it in a kitchen waiting for lights to be turned on and for it to be revealed. I did two drawings as I think this may be the character I make into the turnaround sheet Tony asked for, and I wanted to get to see my idea with a bit more personality and show its scary side.

Finally, my actual first sketch for this project I did before the planned out topical ones. A monster that would honestly petrify me if I saw it anywhere. A sea monster in-land… in your home. This monster was completely made up without thought, just went along with it and came up with the creepy fish/octopus/alien. I did this in ballpoint pen and have been shading it in slowly. The shading is not totally complete yet as I thought I’d lost the drawing for some time, but I did an acrylic painting of it yesterday night (when I found it) too, so I could also do a colourful design.

I will post the finished product of this sketch when I am done as I want to use it for my portfolio.



I might actually prefer the ball-point drawing to the painting for now, but I’ll pick a favourite when they’re totally done.

My plan is to do a turnaround of one of my pencil designs (most likely the burger themed one) and to finish the octopus-like one as it is. It’s been fun to experiment with different ideas and let my imagination go.


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