Job Roles

I’ve researched into my ideal future a lot of times, but it usually leads to places very far away. I would love to do concept art and animation for a game or movie company and I used to only look at Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks etc., but since then I have opened my mind to working in many other companies in Britain. Rare is a good example of a company I would be interested in, as they made some of the games I grew up on- such as old Donkey Kong games.

I always have wanted to be a concept artist, and aimed to do a Degree in concept art, but over the last year I have began learning something I never thought I would get to do- 3D animation. Art is still important but animation is new to me and is something I tried to not aim for when I was younger as I didn’t think I would ever be able to learn it- unless I did it at university- but I took the opportunity to do it now, as soon as I could. I am considering a degree covering those two subjects the best I can find it anywhere if no apprenticeships are available to go for. I am still in early days deciding where I want to be in a year and a bit, but deciding my specialisation for next year is a start.

I want to one day design for and/or animate for a game or movie production. There are different ways of getting there, some definitely require degrees in areas I am looking into, so I will likely do one, but that isn’t the only way. The Unis I have heard do courses I might look into are Sunderland, Teesside and Sheffield Hallam. I will look into more over summer.


Portfolio Presentation & Result

I did my portfolio presentation last Wednesday, and it went really well. My portfolio was based mainly on my art, but I wanted to show off the best of my animations, models and VFX too. I covered all the bases I needed to, and managed to get it all presented in my ten minutes. I had no idea how it was going when I was waiting for my results but I was really happy to receive and overall distinction afterwards.

My portfolio came in at a lower distinction, but was brought up by my art essay, exam and blog which I had got distinctions in also, so they kept my grade up. Because of this I was given feedback on what I had decided to do next year. My distinction would have been stronger if I had my other work up to the same standard as my 2D art (though it wasn’t way worse) and if I tied it all together more.

I am thinking of specialising in concept art/ animation and Matt said that would be good for me and to work on doing creative storyboards and updating him on my work, especially if I am struggling. I need to do more digital artwork next year as well as my physical media.

My animations apparently already cover a lot of the 12 animation principals but I want to know them properly and know I’m implementing them properly. I would love to work with more rigs and create a real scene with them.

My VFX, game pitch and models were discussed too but as I am not focussing on them next year I didn’t need to worry too much about the criticisms- Gary said my VFX would be better if the person stepped through the portal and totally disappeared, because in my scene it looked a bit incomplete as he just began to step into it. My game pitch went okay, and my models seemed to be well received, as I had improved my lighting and rendering of my room project and added my group’s low poly project to it too.

Overall I am so happy with my results because I was worried about how difficult this course would be when I started, never having done many of the things involved before. I feel so much better now and look forward to what I will get to make next year. I intend to keep working hard to not drop grades, but hopefully without having to include as much of the stuff I’m not as good at, the stuff I do show in my next portfolio will be better as I will get more time to work on them.