My Essay Presentation

Motion ControllerPP watch as a slide show for full amount of fun transitions and animations and so it actually makes sense at all

For the past couple of weeks I was working on my essay about Emerging Technologies. My essay was about hybrid consoles (such as the Switch by Nintendo) and how they can steady the amount of motion control used in gaming, as motion controls have been a trend on and off since the dawn of gaming.

After we wrote our essay (which I based off these ideas) we had to make a PowerPoint presentation to do in front of the whole class. I linked mine at the top of this post, but it is mainly pictures as I talked throughout it out loud about everything I wanted to say.

I thought the presentation went alright. I followed some very good presentations which wobbled my nerves, but I wanted to do it anyway. I enjoyed speaking about everything I’ve learned and even shared some thoughts I had to do with my topic even after finishing my essay.

I don’t mind presenting as the class is patient and got involved with what I was saying. I never used to want to speak up in school whenever I presented as a group so doing this is always nerve-wracking, especially alone, but I have done it now- and I think my portfolios have helped me get used to it.


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