Girl on the Fence

I drew this today in college. It is a quick drawing of a girl in front of a garden fence.

It began as an outline sketch, which I decided to colour in and complete. I left this drawing unblended because lately I have been focussing entirely on blending everything I draw.

I like the style this came out as and enjoyed drawing her. It reminded me a bit of France.



Synoptic Pitch

Tomorrow I am doing my Synoptic Project pitch to my class and I am nervous about it but have tried my best to prepare for it.

I have the PowerPoint sorted, but my basic idea is that me and a team of VFX artists will make a VFX short of a person discovering his watch can allow him travel through time. He uses it to visit a wide range of time eras before the watch stops and so does time.

drawing idea

This drawing is quite a simplistic concept for the pitch as sometimes I find it easier to describe my vision by drawing it.


This is my storyboard for the project. I am not too serious about this staying exactly how it is, once the team input on my ideas I am very open to changing them (if this idea actually gets picked). I like everyone to have inputs on group projects, but if I had to choose a story-line this would be it.

I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s presentations tomorrow.

Character Design

I decided to design a waitress for my portfolio the other day and recreated my drawings on Photoshop. I also have begun drawing her in dynamic poses and need to draw her from the front, but thought I would post my sketch – full colour design comparisons here.

I much prefer my pencil sketches but think it is useful to see how she would be coloured. I just copied them by eye, so they’re not totally perfectly identical. Ideally I could have captured the same shadows and tones in both drawings.

I may revisit this character again in the future, or do similar experiments with new designs.


Skin Painting

Today I had a go at painting a girl from the top of my head today. I began by drawing a basic face shape with lighting and shadows. I then worked on it feature by feature to blend it out as best I could and create a semi-realistic image.

I used no reference pictures (though it seems like a mix of Meryl Streep and Bella Hadid in the end) so the anatomy won’t be perfect, but the point of this challenge was for me to attempt to use Photoshop to do the facial colours correctly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Afterwards tony asked me to experiment with lighting angles and imagine harsh sunlight was hitting her face from the side, so I did some quick shadow sketching on top of the face to see how it would look. This was fun to do. but as I had spent so long blending in the original soft shadows I didn’t want to use this as my final image. I definitely intend to experiment more with lighting and this was a beginning for me.


All in all this drawing took me 4 hours on the touchscreen computers to complete. I am challenging myself to complete drawings I start, and to try doing them in more speed (since I can take my time). I am happy with the outcome of this and it was a fun experiment.


Digital Speed Experiment

I did tis drawing one night before a concept art company came in to college for a talk. I wanted to challenge myself t draw better digitally, faster.

I am still working on digital techniques and especially on lighting and shading artwork.

This drawing took a few hours to do all in one go. The lighting and shadows could have been improved, along with the anatomy of parts of the girl (such as her hand), but overall I was happy with the outcome and believe it shows some improvement in my Photoshop skills.