Art Book References

To come up with a layout design for the art book our team discussed how we would all think bout what we wanted it to look like during our scrum. I went away from that and researched and compiled some interesting art book layouts.

I have the Zootopia book at home and think it is very aesthetically pleasing so I definitely included that here, but also ones such as Legend of Zelda, Alice Madness (time period similar to ours), God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn.

These games are very artistic and their books have similar traits but with quirks.


I like the ones with a balance between having the initial sketch the final art piece on a page. In ours we will likely include the 3D final render of the sketch too, and I like the idea of having the progression shown.

I also love the way the bird creature’s wings are overlapping boked drawings on the Zelda book. I love having assets unboxed and layering over those which are. For instance, the sketches boxed, the designs boxed, then the final drawing or render on a clear background free on the page, possibly overlaying corners.

I will use these to help me come up with art book concepts, especially as I am lead 2D artist and it should mainly be my responsibility, as the others have more to do to bring the actual game together in 3D space before the end of the project. I definitely want everyone’s input in how their work gets presented.


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