First Official Art Book Page (& MVP) – Bleak Manor


Going by my practice page, this is the first completed art book page showing the development of the lamp between Caitlin and Adam. I am following my designs from my draft for every page to keep them in a theme. I am happy with how it turned out, and will use my handwriting to copy and paste onto other pages so it looks slightly neater than rewriting it each time; it is meant to look handwritten but I’d like it to keep uniform.

Today we had our MVP check, it went great. Everybody’s Models were looking great in the room and Gary managed to play all of Kelly’s game so overall it is technically a working product. A few of my drawings are framed in it also and the walls are together now. It looks like a real manor room and it has been interesting seeing it build up over time.

We have a few weeks before the final deadline where modellers are completing stretch tasks, I am working on the art book and may draw some final concepts (though they are not very necessary at this point) for portfolio purposes. We are in the final stretch now.


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