Final NextGen Blog Post

The Synoptic Project has proved to be challenging for me as I have had to learn new techniques in both style, perspective, and colouring to get my concepts to look how I wanted. I do see this as being positive for me, pushing me out of my comfort zone with art, focusing on the things I would typically have left out of my drawings (i.e. almost the entire background). I drew furniture, wallpaper, environments, and textures; rather than characters, with bold outlines and quick designs. I had to think about theme, time period, matching, technicality of my designs and more.

I of course didn’t do all of the artwork as a lot of the 3D artists also have a talent in 2D. Their art and mine made my art book look more interesting, including more styles, ideas, and perspectives, and allowed for more designs to be done.

Marc, Adam, Caitlin, and Nikki all did stunning models, and Kelly brought the entire project together as a clever, playable game, and was our leader. I think we accomplished what we set out to do, and I was partnered with very talented students who I can see going off to do amazing things. People put in a lot of hours and effort to make the game in such a short space of time. Nobody was demanding of others and there has been a lot of praise.


It was very different working on a game to a VFX project. Since Planet A I have pushed myself to improve on lighting, structure, texture and overall appeal of my art. I have had feedback from lecturers, friends, peers and people in the industry, and uni. I took everything people said to me on board and used it to set goals. I have had a year to learn so much about digital art and I think I can surprise myself sometimes.

Thank you to my group for having me be part of such an awesome game.

I have had a lot to focus on this year- in my life and in my work- and feel so proud of the things I have done. I can’t believe Next Gen is coming to an end so soon. I have experienced and learnt so much in these past 2 years. I can give all of my new friends and each lecturer thanks for what they have taught me. I hated to miss a day. I never expected to love college so much.

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