Donut Model Progress

I was spending weeks on my deer model for the project in Matt’s lessons to follow a whole production schedule for making and presenting a 3D model, with a high poly bake. I was having errors for the last couple of weeks so decided that for now I would do the whole process again for a simpler model of a donut/doughnut.

I began by drawing a design. Based off a classic sprinkled donut. I would do the low poly work for the shape, then high poly bake for the details such as the sprincles,drips and breadcrumbs.

donut render

low poly render

I made the low poly model in maya before importing it into Sculptris, where I modelled a very high poly donut.

high poly render

Next I baked the high poly donut onto the low in Substance Painter and painted on textures using black masks.

I have texture maps for the donut. I have tried downloading Substance Painter at home, though, as I would rather get better images to demonstrate how these textures look when I am actually painting on the software, before making my official PowerPoint. I also want to draw another draft and have research images before the presentation can be complete. I am happy with the outcome of this model, though, especially as it didn’t take long to do.

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Imagined from Music

Tony set us an assignment to design an imagined world based on the song Carouselambra by Led Zeppelin. We could choose the art form to do this in, I decided to draw the scene the song made me picture in my head.


There were crazier parts of he song that made me picture fights, but I was drawing alien attacks already for the group project I am doing, so I went with my first impression of the song in its milder parts, a busy 80’s street.

I did the drawing in layers. I drew the road and buildings’ basic shapes first, then what was behind the windows (before making those layers more translucent). I built forward from there, with the accessories on the buildings, then the people outside. Then the bin and lamppost, car, girl’s head and finally the small details.

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I spent weeks working on this in Tony’s lessons because I wanted to add a good amount of detail to it, and those computers are better than a tablet for that. I did do bits and pieces outside of lesson, it was just slower to do it that way.

I tried to make it look as 80’s as possible without overdoing it. I pictured an arcade at first, but assumed it was probably because I’d just finished Stranger Things, so I put one on the street, but not as the main focus. I tried to dress the main characters in era-suitable fashion- and the car is an 80’s model (the hardest part to draw, for me).

I added the girl with the earphones at the end and I can imagine her listening to the song and looking at the scene herself. In reality she was just waiting to cross the road in my mind, but the headphones do link the sound element of the project into my picture.

I wanted to make this as good as I could because I will be showing it in my portfolio. I think I am getting better at digital art as I was advised to try a lot more of it this year. Once a picture is done I love to see how it was put together so that is a cool thing to be able to do with my own work now.


Company Logo

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Our group needed a different logo after the MVP assessment with the lecturers. I don’t know if we’re changing the name from Anonymous Penguin yet, but I have made the logo brighter and drew it from scratch.

We needed something happier and something more similar to our company’s general vibe (action, danger) show in the trailer. The penguin is still anonymous, but he is a ninja, so he has a throwing star.

I drew some on paper sketches, then drew this up on Photoshop with a clear and a grey background so it can be inserted into the project however the group likes.

I am happy enough with the outcome, and especially like he neck colours. Hopefully the group like it too, so far they’ve given positive feedback about it.

Completed Movie Poster

I finished my movie poster late last week for my Mysterious Worlds movie trailer. The movie is Planet A, and is about an Alien invasion. We do not have the actual Aliens in our trailer, only their UFOs, so I could make them look however I liked. Because the Aliens’ looks aren’t a focus in our work I didn’t do anything very original for their design, but they resemble the Alien you think of whenever you hear the word; a popular design in Sci-Fi.

We came up with the slogan “It’s their planet now” which I included along with the title. I added UFOs flying and crashing, and completed the buildings. The poster isn’t too saturated with action, so I hope it conveys what the trailer does.

It is a cartoon style because it is promotional, but the movie doesn’t look light hearted. I tried to not make it look like a comedy film. There is only so much a poster can do for a movie and it isn’t very ambiguous so I am happy with it.


Project ‘Planet A’ Update

For the group project I was the Concept Artist. I have done all of the pieces on our list and they used to help continue the process as the others can use my plans.

Lewis is working on the city-scapes (before and after). They are looking good and natural. The effects are fitting nicely with the scenes. Kyle is working on the parks, the after is smokey and derelict, and the before is starting to look heavenly. I think so far it resembles a scene in a movie where someone is looking back at the past through ‘rose tinted glasses’. Owen is working on the parks, he recently showed us the nice park and its packed with subtle effects all building up quite an artistic scene. He added in squirrels and butterflies and they fit in great.

Jack has been doing the animation of the UFO for the scene outside of the VPA which Nathan is doing and it is coming along nicely. We are coming close to the end of the project now so hopefully soon it will come together completely. I am excited to see the finalised scenes and intend to help out with putting it all together still and continuing to work on promotional artwork for the ‘movie’.

We are under time pressure for this deadline but hopefully we can show something good for the work we have put in.

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Musically Inspired

I am about midway through a piece of artwork for a college project for Tony where we have to base a creation off what we imagine when listening to Carouselambra by Led Zeppelin. The song has 80s vibes and made me think of the obvious arcade setting. I only included a part of an arcade, though, because I worried Stranger Things was warping my opinion a bit.

I also think of diners and busy streets when I hear the song, so began by drawing a diner behind a window on a basic street. I drew people at the tables and a sign on the front. I also drew the arcade next door leading off the screen- arcade colour schemes are more royal blues and luminous lights to me, so I tried to incorporate

I have plans to draw a male character walking near the centre of the picture as a focal point. Around him I will draw typical street objects and he may be behind things on the road, such as a classic car. For now I have drawn a girl casually leaning by the arcade; she will be reading a comic book, and is sporting some bright 80s fashion and a cigarette.

I liked how she turned out and plan to follow her eye line to draw out other things in the scene. I will add details and shadows more as I go on with this picture. I am fully utilising the layering options on Photoshop whilst doing this, it makes it easier to put one idea aside for a while to work on other parts of the drawing, which helps me not get bored of the long process.

I have been working on this on and off for a couple of weeks so far and cant wait for it to be done. Today I added the signs, the arcade, and the girl outside.


Promotional and Experimental

Today I tried to do some ‘promotional’ artwork for our Mysterious Worlds. It was an experiment with drawing on Photoshop using my tablet; I chose 1 pen size and opacity and used varying pressure with my pen to layer the colour over itself to create lines and shadows. I attempted to avoid erasing anything and just went with the flow. Sticking to the rules of the brush size and opacity the picture came out looking stylised.


I firstly drew the girl with a bewildered expression, appearing to be looking at something causing her concern. She is in regular clothing (just an average woman during the alien invasion) and is not yet running from anything. The grey-scale gives it a serious look.


Afterwards I drew a dark backdrop with a UFO. This is not a concept for a scene, but is intended as an ominous teaser about the movie. As the movie isn’t real, pieces like this can be imagined as posters and promotions, as they might tie into the plot of the movie in its entirety if it were to be completed.

I liked the way this drawing turned out, and it was a fun experiment. I hope to do more stylised pictures in the future.

Movie Poster Progress & Group Analysis

These past few nights (and in Rachael’s lesson) I have been working on a promotional image for Planet A. I am using Photoshop to create a cartoon image of an alien attack in a UFO similar to the one in our project.


I think it looks alright so far, it isn’t my typical work, but hopefully when I am finished it will look good. I want to add in detail to the buildings and more UFOs in the background.

My group and I did a scrum today. I was the scrum master so had to listen to what everyone had done, and will be doing in the 3 weeks we have to complete this project. I think we can do it if we get our heads down, and we are on track, we just didn’t notice how close we were to the deadline.

Most of the VFX scenes are well into progress and all of the necessary preproduction is done. I am going to do more bits and pieces of art for the project (as I am doing now) and help with general VFX things to help us tie this task up within a few weeks.

I can see it being shaped now, and I think it will look good when it is done.

More Park Concepts

I decided to do another park concept for my Imagined Worlds on photoshop. This is neither before or after, it just bares more resemblance to the park we will ctually use, Barnes.

The tire swing will play a key role in the scene and will be swinging in harsh winds. The swing is on a play park ground, surrounded by walkways.


I like the look of this park and the dingy autumn sky. I worked on adding shadows confidently (which I believe makes the scene more realistic) and using different brushes for effect.

I used the touchscreen monitors to create this in Tony’s lesson, along with the mouse. I think it looks a lot like the setting of the park scene in our VFX project, and it is nice to have more concepts of the same scenes to expand on ideas, and come up with better ones.

Low Poly Deer

I used the concept art and references of deer to make my initial low poly model for my Creative and Technical model.

I used Maya to create a blocky draft of a deer for my high poly model to be baked onto once I do it. I used a few separate polygons to create this, and have not totally finished the low poly yet, but it is almost there.

I think it looks true in shape to the drawing I did, and I will use the photos of deer I took to help me with my high poly detailing and texturing in the coming weeks.

I enjoy modelling but I definitely run myself into issues. I have tried to be very careful this time around as I am a bit out of practice- but I think I am getting there.

The next steps for me are to complete the shape of my model to a standard I am definitely happy with, then UV unwrap it. Then I can go on to working on the high poly version.