Showdown – Character Design

I drew another original scenario again this week for my own ideas. I am enjoying drawing new character types and experimenting with digital art.

I again used drawing screens and tablets to achieve this piece. It depicts a prospector capturing a cowboy for a gold coin on a chain. He is holding weapons to him and smiling as onlookers drunkenly cheer as this is an everyday activity for them in the Wild West (at least according to some movies).


I like how this turned out, it’s bright and cartoon-ish. I think it is tidy and the picture looks completed all coloured in. I managed to complete this quite quickly and really enjoyed drawing something so different. I am also used to drawing more girls than men, so for once I drew more guys. I added in a waitress for good measure though, looking unimpressed about the events outside. I added in a barrel and haystack as well and set the scene outside of a saloon.

I am happy with this piece and I am feeling more confident with my imagination and actually going through with, and completing, the image I conjured up in my head. I hope to build up more drawings like this for my portfolio.

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Bug Storyboard

In the first week back we had to draw a storyboard for a part of a script from A Scanner Darkly about a man getting bugs in his hair which nobody but himself could see. I totally forgot to post this until today, but I would like to get it on my blog anyway.

I drew this on the touch screen drawing monitors in Tony’s as practice before I did my Mysterious Worlds storyboard.

Tony compared my style to the Incredibles’ storyboards (which is a huge compliment). The fact that it resembles them is quite funny to me as that is what I always think of when I imagine storyboards. This is because I used to watch their deleted scenes made up of  greyscale sketchy storyboards mixed with some light animation.

I am happy with the outcome of this drawing and feel it described some of the script well; such as the doctor being confused, and him studying the phenomenon once the bugs reached his lungs. I like the sketchy style I could achieve digitally which was natural to how I draw on paper. This helped me get to grips with digital art more as I need to focus on that a lot more this year.

bug storyboard.jpg

Treasure Hunting Teens – Character Design


I drew this in college today on the touch screen computers. It began as an experiment into different shaped character faces and ended up as a girl taking a boy on an exploration, on which she was excited and he was very scared.

In the background is a quick cave design I did and in the foreground there is a glow from whatever mysterious object you imagine they have discovered.

I drew this in Photoshop and kept the layers separate to allow me to post my progression. I took inspiration from other artists to do the initial sketch in red, then to do the real thing on top. My finished product has less of a dramatic cartoon-y feel than the sketch, but when I followed the exact lines it looked too exaggerated for my taste.

I am really happy with how they came out and I’ve been itching to draw characters lately after all of the concept work of environments I’ve been doing for my group project. I left it a bit untidy and quicker looking as I think it suited the style more, and I would like to do more practice like this with digital art in the future.

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Colour Chart

I made a quick colour chart to put on my group’s Trello board. I put some colour ideas for the bright before colours and the duller after colours. They don’t need to be followed religiously, but they’re a good starting point for the colouring and lighting of the VFX scenes to tie them together. There’s nothing out there about the colour choices though I imagine the others would also go for these sort of shades in their work anyway.

colour scheme


Park Concept

For the next concept art piece in my Imagined Worlds project I did the Park. I painted this on Photoshop using the mouse and a drawing tablet. I split this one down the middle from the beginning and worked with the idea of having a happy park life scene on one side and a derelict park which was damaged in the attack on the other.

I contrasted the colour schemes and even added a lens flare to give the effect of bright sunlight hitting a lens in the picture on the left, and a dull grey atmosphere on the right.

This image will not match the footage as they will be using a real park, I imagined this park to show the idea of how we will edit whatever park the VFX people use. Vines growing, broken equipment, cracks, and overgrown wildlife.

I am happy with the turn out of this image in the end. It was time consuming to draw as it was technical and I am used to drawing creatures and people rather than rigid framework; it is good practice, though.

swings concept1



Planet A Storyboard

For my group’s project I have made a storyboard for the teaser trailer. It shows each shot that will be featured in the trailer, including the black screens and title. I noted the important SFX that will be included and our timings are on the sot list we have on Trello.

I am happy with the outcome of this storyboard and hopefully it will make the plan clear visually for the group. I did it on Photoshop using a graphics tablet and mouse.

story board COMPLETE

Scarecrow Character

In Tony’s lesson last week we had to come up with an idea for a movie with a plot and character, then draw that character.

My idea was a movie about a scarecrow on a farm where the farmers are abusing the animals. The scarecrow can see this every day and slowly plans an escape for all of the animals. The scarecrow cannot walk but can communicate with crows to carry him by lifting his arms.

The conflict comes when the farmers notice they are escaping and it is resolved when (after a series of events) the animals escape. The scarecrow returns to his original position and keeps watch of the farmers so this can be prevented from happening again.

For this I decided to concept a scarecrow in a dark field looking quite menacing. People assume scarecrows would be the bad guys which this image plays into, but that is to make him seem enticing.

I also decided to turn this picture into a DVD cover for the imaginary film with a title Scarecrow (which I’ve been told is taken, so good job this isn’t real). I had fun drawing this and I’ve been working on my digital art a lot recently as I got my drawing tablet, though I did do this on the new touch screen computers at college.

UFO Concept Collage


For my next piece of concept work for the Imagined Worlds project was a scene in our trailer where a UFO (animated by Jack) would crash into the ground in front of the VPA building at college.

In Photoshop I added in an image of the UFO model he is using and some rubble on the ground. I then isolated pieces of the ground and made larger rubble from those pieces. I changed the colours a bit and added smoke and a blue glow around the ship, followed by a trail of smoke left behind its fight/crash route.

I added grey clouds to the sky and corrected some colours and have come out with the outcome I imagined for that scene for the VFX final product to follow. The flight path might be more complex depending on how jack animates the UFO and the footage could be from a different angle, but this is the gist of what we are going for and I put it on Trello for the rest of the group to see.

Digital Forest Concepts

My group for the Imagined Worlds project this term are doing a VFX teaser trailer for a fake movie called “Planet A”. Planet A is  about the aftermath of an alien invasion- but the teaser trailer only shows some inconspicuous scenes from the movie both before and after the disaster.

One of the locations is a forest and, as I am doing the concept art, I did a concept on Photoshop. Using separate layers I did the ground and sunny sky/ dark sky, the grass and flowers/leaves, the tree trunks (on 3 separate layers), and the leaves/ smoke and shrapnel. I did an opposite for most layers so I could switch on and off the visibility and see how the forest would dramatically transform after the world was destroyed.

I then put a split view of the scene together and uploaded all of the images onto my group’s Trello organisation page. Owen is now working on the VFX of this scene.

Monster Mock-Ups

In Tony’s class we were given a brief to design a character. The character should  be based on something we might fear running into in our own homes. I have come up with some concepts that just came to mind when I considered what I’d be scared to run into in different rooms of the house.

The first was what Tony suggested; the attic. I don’t know how a dog came into mind, other than it being a household pet, at first, but I turned it into a dog-spider-hybrid. It is an imagined idea of a pet which had been bitten by a spider from the loft and hid up there with its now 8 legs.


Then I thought of a garden. I  thought of the rodents that would live there and what I’d be terrified to see. I could have went down a Little Shop Of Horrors plant-horror inspired path, but I stuck to animals. I mixed ideas up for this one- rat, bat, bird, frog, and man-sized body (demonstrated by it holding a rake).


Then I thought of a bathroom environment whilst I only had a lined notebook with me and sketched up a bathtub monster which could grip on slippy walls using it’s plunger tentacles.


My favourite pencil sketch was my burger monster. For the kitchen. It is totally different to the others but I was happy with the idea. I could picture it in a kitchen waiting for lights to be turned on and for it to be revealed. I did two drawings as I think this may be the character I make into the turnaround sheet Tony asked for, and I wanted to get to see my idea with a bit more personality and show its scary side.

Finally, my actual first sketch for this project I did before the planned out topical ones. A monster that would honestly petrify me if I saw it anywhere. A sea monster in-land… in your home. This monster was completely made up without thought, just went along with it and came up with the creepy fish/octopus/alien. I did this in ballpoint pen and have been shading it in slowly. The shading is not totally complete yet as I thought I’d lost the drawing for some time, but I did an acrylic painting of it yesterday night (when I found it) too, so I could also do a colourful design.

I will post the finished product of this sketch when I am done as I want to use it for my portfolio.



I might actually prefer the ball-point drawing to the painting for now, but I’ll pick a favourite when they’re totally done.

My plan is to do a turnaround of one of my pencil designs (most likely the burger themed one) and to finish the octopus-like one as it is. It’s been fun to experiment with different ideas and let my imagination go.