Monster Mock-Ups

In Tony’s class we were given a brief to design a character. The character should  be based on something we might fear running into in our own homes. I have come up with some concepts that just came to mind when I considered what I’d be scared to run into in different rooms of the house.

The first was what Tony suggested; the attic. I don’t know how a dog came into mind, other than it being a household pet, at first, but I turned it into a dog-spider-hybrid. It is an imagined idea of a pet which had been bitten by a spider from the loft and hid up there with its now 8 legs.


Then I thought of a garden. I  thought of the rodents that would live there and what I’d be terrified to see. I could have went down a Little Shop Of Horrors plant-horror inspired path, but I stuck to animals. I mixed ideas up for this one- rat, bat, bird, frog, and man-sized body (demonstrated by it holding a rake).


Then I thought of a bathroom environment whilst I only had a lined notebook with me and sketched up a bathtub monster which could grip on slippy walls using it’s plunger tentacles.


My favourite pencil sketch was my burger monster. For the kitchen. It is totally different to the others but I was happy with the idea. I could picture it in a kitchen waiting for lights to be turned on and for it to be revealed. I did two drawings as I think this may be the character I make into the turnaround sheet Tony asked for, and I wanted to get to see my idea with a bit more personality and show its scary side.

Finally, my actual first sketch for this project I did before the planned out topical ones. A monster that would honestly petrify me if I saw it anywhere. A sea monster in-land… in your home. This monster was completely made up without thought, just went along with it and came up with the creepy fish/octopus/alien. I did this in ballpoint pen and have been shading it in slowly. The shading is not totally complete yet as I thought I’d lost the drawing for some time, but I did an acrylic painting of it yesterday night (when I found it) too, so I could also do a colourful design.

I will post the finished product of this sketch when I am done as I want to use it for my portfolio.



I might actually prefer the ball-point drawing to the painting for now, but I’ll pick a favourite when they’re totally done.

My plan is to do a turnaround of one of my pencil designs (most likely the burger themed one) and to finish the octopus-like one as it is. It’s been fun to experiment with different ideas and let my imagination go.

Making a Head in Sculptris

The other week in Tony’s lesson he introduced us to the software called Sculptris which is a simpler version of Mudbox. We used this to make our own heads. You begin with a sphere shape, which you can use the tools to morph into anything you want.

Smoothing adds poly’s to your model, so there is a reduce tool brush which lowers the polys to keep the model even, and stop risking Sculptris crashing, which kept happening to me in lesson.

I came back into college to use Sculptris again the next Wednesday and in the other room it worked well! I made a Plasticine, Joker-like face in Tony’s the other week, so I did that again, but with a lot more time put in digitally. I was never great at sculpting, so I thought I’d find this really difficult, but once it was running smoothly, I stopped worrying about doing too many little details in case it crashed, and just sculpted whatever I wanted to on the face, down to the hair and teeth.

The face is very exaggerated, as the Joker’s is in comic books, and I left the eyes blank. I really wanted to focus on a confusing, frightening expression, and I would like to have eyes included, but this way it doesn’t allow to eyes to show expression at all. Eyes can smile or not smile along with the mouth; when they don’t it is a chilling expression.


I’m happy with how my first completed 3D face turned out (though I feel I could make it creepier).


Industry Standard Asset

In Matt’s class we were split into groups and had to come up with an agreeable theme for a group project. That project was to build an asset or two each and put them all together in one scene. The theme we chose was fantasy, and that meant we would make a licing space for a Wizard, where he would go to study in his house. In that space we wanted spiral stairs, bookshelves, potions and more.

I am responsible for making the wizard’s armchair. I did some research of photos of chairs I wanted to use as inspiration and also began designing how the chair would look when completed in Maya. My chair had to be tall, worn, and comfortable. I also wanted to include bare wood instead of a polished frame to give it character.


I drew up my designs which I’m liking so far, but if they don’t look totally right in 3D I will change aspects. I have made the body of the chair on Maya so far and it is low poly.  will later duplicate the model and make a higher poly, detailed model, and bake the detail onto the original. This will be done using a Normal Map- which is used in industry to keep the poly count low when assets are brought into a scene in a game. Everything will load faster, take up less storage, and look the same as the detail will be in the textures, mainly.


The next step will be to make the legs and framework of the chair in low poly.


In VFX we have been deciding on ideas for our portfolio project. We need to use our own footage to add some visuals to a short clip.

My first ideas were superpowers such as flexibility or fire, but on Monday I settled on a portal power idea. That means I will have somebody realise they have powers and shoot a portal out of their hands and step into it.

To do this project properly and have our ideas fully fleshed out before we start, we needed to do a storyboard once we had a plan. Our videos aren’t meant to be too long and we can use a green screen, so with help from learning how to do our Matte Paintings and a website Gary showed me called ProductionCrate (which has effects on to download, including portals) I should be able to pull it off.

Here is the story board in pictures. When I plan further I will add written directions.portal

Character Designing – Head Sketching Research & Écorché

Tony asked us last lesson to look at other people’s drawings of heads. We are beginning character design and are looking at how heads are shaped. We did one lesson a while ago on drawing faces, but now we’re looking at the whole head.

For research I gathered selections of head drawings to help me see the way people develop their sketches. I’ve labelled these images with the reasons I saved them for reference.

I also got pictures of celebrities faces as  references. I tried to get a range of faces in different angles, to show some diversity and get a look at what is always similar with he head, and what can be changed.
Image result for audrey hepburn side profile
Related image
Image result for paul ruddImage result for bruno mars head

We did a Google VR session the other week where we looked at muscles on different parts of the body with Tony. Afterwards we looked closely at the muscles on the head, images of this are called écorché; where it looks like the skin has been peeled back on a person’s head, exposing every muscle, vein, and bone. Seeing this shows us how the face moves, what muscles bulk up the face, and the way the face ends as it curves round to the side of the head.

We had our own turn of drawing écorché muscle art on a picture of a celebrity’s face. I chose to paint over half of Chris Evans’ face in Photoshop. This meant looking at other écorché images as a reference and applying what I saw to this image, matching up the muscles to his facial features. It’s not extremely detailed, but it does sow the muscles I intended it to.


I look forward to doing more of this project as I have always wanted to design characters.

My Utopian Vehicle

In Tony’s lessons we have been coming up with designs for a service vehicle in a  Dystopian/Utopian world. My vehicle idea serves the purpose of preventing minor conflict between multiple animals (including humans).

I wrote about what the world would be like in my utopia in the blog post I linked, but basically it’s a world 50-100 years from now where animals and humans live in harmony amongst one another because of human overpopulation. This would improve life quality for animals, and teach humans to stop using animals’ environments selfishly.

I came up with some designs on paper, which was difficult to get the hang of because vehicles are new to me. I tried to base them all on a vehicle which serves the purpose I mentioned about preventing crime and conflicts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I decided to do a drone with a mix of the copter design (with spiked legs), and the rounded van with the arcade-like claw. Those designs were closest to my original idea, and I could see how a mix of the two could be adapted for underwater environments, and other tough terrain. I liked the smooth shape of the sports car and used the 4-wheel drive idea for the boosters, and the cage idea came from the trucks I drew with cages on the back.

My drone- which is supposed to be about the size of a police van- has 4 boosters, a giant helicopter propeller, and 2 long arms with claws (for breaking up fights and carrying creatures). There’s a large mirrored glass top-floor for the drivers, and a round cage below to match, which would carry the perpetrators or injured animals for the flight to a safe station.drone

I did this design in Photoshop. I’m still not a confident digital artist, but with the help of a lot of layering, and experimental paintbrushes, I managed to come up with a concept I’m happy with. The arms are a bit jagged since I did the majority of this at college with a graphics tablet and for some reason I didn’t do my last save there properly, meaning I lost the smoother arms I drew. I don’t mind too much as it’s meant to be metal pieces bending.

I drew the sky in the vehicle’s reflection, so I decided to do a background just to place it in an environment. This shows that it would fly above tree height to not interfere with daily life unless there was a job to do. It also shows that having the glass give you a 360 degree view would be useful to see everything.


This has been an interesting challenge, as I never draw vehicles, and doing it has helped me with concept art, digital art, and thinking outside of the box.

Game Jam Final Day

Sunday was for finishing the game off. We had a lot of code left to do including the random generator which Luke kindly helped us with. It made the waves spawn in on the bass strings and fly along the level left. Then we programmed the waves to be a trigger to kill the character, Rick, on collision. Over time the waves get faster also, and will only spawn on 2 strings at once, never more.guitargameplay
I had to animate Rick on Sunday to make him bounce as he stood, so he wasn’t static. I selected each limb on his body separately and imported each file into flash on the stage as separate files. I animated each piece frame-by-frame and exported it. Ant then turned this into a sprite sheet and imported it into Unity. This replaced our static character with a moving one.
Jack created a main menu page and I wrote instructions on it, we named the game Bass Booster, and I did a game over screen. I took inspiration from the Donkey Kong game over, as I edited Rick to be injured and bandaged up accompanied by the game over text. Kyle then put a button on the page and it linked back to the menu.
On the menu there were two buttons, one leading to the game, and one to a credits scene we made.

Jack’s music was imported after that. he edited his tracks into a compilation and we put them on loop in the game, so it had variety. He then chose tracks to put on the menu, credits, and game over screens.

Kyle and Ant fixed bugs in the game to stop Rick jumping off screen. Then, finally, we were pretty much done! So, afterwards, we uploaded the game onto the Global Game Jam and sat down to watch Ant live stream our games, one team at a time, on Twitch.

Overall I really enjoyed the weekend and I’m proud of what we accomplished. I wish it could be refined a little bit more, but for two days we made a whole lot and it is a completed game which sounded a bit impossible before now.

Game Jam Day One and Two



Though I’m only 17 I joined in with the #NGenGGJ this weekend. To do a Waves themed game me and my group decided to do one based on sound waves.

Our game is themed as a bass guitar having sound waves travel down the string. I am the artist so I designed “Rick the Pick” our character, and the game background of the bass guitar.

On Friday night I drew a lot of ideas for the features of Rick around an empty plectrum, then decided with my group if they liked the same ones as me and designed the ideal design based on that. I drew it out in Pro-marker pens and then scanned them in.


At college on Saturday I used my Rick design to paint him digitally. I completely covered the entire thing on Photoshop by digitally painting over him to make him look how I envisioned him when I first drew him. I am new to Photoshop this year but I used the graphics tablet to draw some of it using the pen which made it feel far more familiar to me. I am very pleased with how he turned out and the college even tweeted me out- which was cool.

I then designed the game scene, a horizontal front facing bass guitar- cropped to the strings and pickups.


In game there are 4 Strings over the top of this, but they are platforms, so are separate files from Flash that Kyle made. Kyle, Jack and Owen did the code, Jack did music and is working on a main menu, and I did the art and may do animation on my character. I am happy with how it is going so far and everyone’s work looks great.

Art Deco in Life and in Bioshock

Art deco in real life is shown very clearly in Vogue. They have art and photography showing a variety of true life art deco. There are flappers, symmetrical buildings and an overall classy artistic look to the surroundings.

Image result for vogue art deco

Betty Boop
Betty Boop is also an example of real life art deco. She was invented in 1930. She was originally based on flapper, Helen Kane, so she is used in a ‘Roaring 20s’ American environment, so she will have been surrounded by contemporary art.

Image result for betty boop art deco

Bugsy Malone
Bugsy maloneis a 1976 musical based on gangsters of the 1920s. The actors are all children imitating adults; in roles as flappers and gangsters similar to Bugs Moran.
The movie is immersed in 20’s stile which means it shows a lot of the same aspects as Bioshock, except not underwater.The entire theme of the movie relies fully on the time period.

All of these themes relate straight back to the game Bioshock. Bioshock is themed around a sunken 20’s city. All of the luminous lights are still shining in the darkened city so the whole place has an ominous vibe. It was a modern idea in a historic setting. The whole city is full of art deco. Big, bold, symmetrical features. Statues based on thrice and the rich lifestyle. Portraits of the wealthy in 20’s culture. The game isn’t just based in a time, its based a class- upper class. City life, rather than the life in the South, was all about the BOOM. Everyone was getting richer by the second, earning thousands in stocks. Unfortunately soon after everyone would end up poor once again in the great depression.


I like this theme as it makes use of art in games more than any other I’ve seen.

Utopia Idea

For Tony’s latest brief I have come up with my idea; I decided to do a Utopia rather than a Dystopia because the idea for it came to mind the moment we were asked to do this, and since then I haven’t come up with anything I prefer.


Above is my original plan for the world my vehicle will be based in, but it may be difficult to read my handwriting, so I’ll go over my main points:

My idea (since the timeline for the project is within the next 50-100 years) was that due to population growth, lack of fossil fuels and evolution, humans would end up building into untouched animal habitats and overpopulate the places we have for ourselves, meaning that we would have to co-exist in the same places as other species. I wasn’t sure if the idea made sense until I looked up the facts to back it up, which I noted in the first paragraph.

That means animals would roam our streets, and we would build houses which don’t damage their environments, but do take up space where they used to roam. At first that seems like a Dystopia, but the idea is that by around 2100 we have altered the human parts of the world to be more animal friendly, and we would be environmentally conscious when building in rain-forests, deserts etc. Animals would not be killed for aesthetic gain- either because it is illegal or because it is at least frowned upon and not enjoyed anymore now they’re in society. Zoos would only protect animals but would need to follow their rights, so if there was no need for them to be protected, they would be free as humans would see them anyway.
tigerThis pencil drawing was a concept sketch for the sort of things you would expect to see in this hypothetical future. It’s meant to be a tiger sitting on some cardboard boxes guarding a closed down fur and leather shop when the world is first changing.

I think no Utopia could come about if it wasn’t made to fix world issues- so the reason it becomes a Utopia eventually is because it is the most perfect the world could be, given the circumstances.

In any case, I need to create a service vehicle, designed to perform a task specific to my world. For me it would be a service which either provides for animals, or is an emergency services vehicle for conflict between humans and animals. By all habitats that includes underwater too. I saw once that in Vegas they have underwater airtight hotels, and eventually that could become an option for permanent housing- so I could have variations of the vehicle which could perform underwater, up heights, and on regular ground.

My vehicle would also be environmentally clean, because all of the fossil fuels had already been drilled and wasted to cause this change, so it would need to be powered in another way, just as anything else would. Probably electricity from renewable sources so it would make sense.

Now I am ready to explore the idea of what the world would look like, and why I’d need a vehicle in certain scenarios, then I can finally begin my design ideas.