Completed Movie Poster

I finished my movie poster late last week for my Mysterious Worlds movie trailer. The movie is Planet A, and is about an Alien invasion. We do not have the actual Aliens in our trailer, only their UFOs, so I could make them look however I liked. Because the Aliens’ looks aren’t a focus in our work I didn’t do anything very original for their design, but they resemble the Alien you think of whenever you hear the word; a popular design in Sci-Fi.

We came up with the slogan “It’s their planet now” which I included along with the title. I added UFOs flying and crashing, and completed the buildings. The poster isn’t too saturated with action, so I hope it conveys what the trailer does.

It is a cartoon style because it is promotional, but the movie doesn’t look light hearted. I tried to not make it look like a comedy film. There is only so much a poster can do for a movie and it isn’t very ambiguous so I am happy with it.



Project ‘Planet A’ Update

For the group project I was the Concept Artist. I have done all of the pieces on our list and they used to help continue the process as the others can use my plans.

Lewis is working on the city-scapes (before and after). They are looking good and natural. The effects are fitting nicely with the scenes. Kyle is working on the parks, the after is smokey and derelict, and the before is starting to look heavenly. I think so far it resembles a scene in a movie where someone is looking back at the past through ‘rose tinted glasses’. Owen is working on the parks, he recently showed us the nice park and its packed with subtle effects all building up quite an artistic scene. He added in squirrels and butterflies and they fit in great.

Jack has been doing the animation of the UFO for the scene outside of the VPA which Nathan is doing and it is coming along nicely. We are coming close to the end of the project now so hopefully soon it will come together completely. I am excited to see the finalised scenes and intend to help out with putting it all together still and continuing to work on promotional artwork for the ‘movie’.

We are under time pressure for this deadline but hopefully we can show something good for the work we have put in.

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Promotional and Experimental

Today I tried to do some ‘promotional’ artwork for our Mysterious Worlds. It was an experiment with drawing on Photoshop using my tablet; I chose 1 pen size and opacity and used varying pressure with my pen to layer the colour over itself to create lines and shadows. I attempted to avoid erasing anything and just went with the flow. Sticking to the rules of the brush size and opacity the picture came out looking stylised.


I firstly drew the girl with a bewildered expression, appearing to be looking at something causing her concern. She is in regular clothing (just an average woman during the alien invasion) and is not yet running from anything. The grey-scale gives it a serious look.


Afterwards I drew a dark backdrop with a UFO. This is not a concept for a scene, but is intended as an ominous teaser about the movie. As the movie isn’t real, pieces like this can be imagined as posters and promotions, as they might tie into the plot of the movie in its entirety if it were to be completed.

I liked the way this drawing turned out, and it was a fun experiment. I hope to do more stylised pictures in the future.

More Park Concepts

I decided to do another park concept for my Imagined Worlds on photoshop. This is neither before or after, it just bares more resemblance to the park we will ctually use, Barnes.

The tire swing will play a key role in the scene and will be swinging in harsh winds. The swing is on a play park ground, surrounded by walkways.


I like the look of this park and the dingy autumn sky. I worked on adding shadows confidently (which I believe makes the scene more realistic) and using different brushes for effect.

I used the touchscreen monitors to create this in Tony’s lesson, along with the mouse. I think it looks a lot like the setting of the park scene in our VFX project, and it is nice to have more concepts of the same scenes to expand on ideas, and come up with better ones.

Doe a Deer

Surprisingly I haven’t yet posted much bout my project in Matt’s lessons. We have to concept and make a model by Christmas, and it has to be our best yet.

I decided to do a deer and have been working on it in his lessons so far, but feel I will have more time now to complete it without my essay happening. I also have spent the majority of my time at home lately working on concepts for my imagined worlds, because if I didn’t get them done in the first half term, it’d only make things more difficult for the rest of my group.

I am excited to finally get my head down on this model, because I want to do it well and be able to turn the model into a rig when I’m done with it if I could. I chose a deer immediately and worked on the concept drawings straight away, quite a while ago now.

I have been working on the model also, but I have been struggling with getting the shape totally right (and Maya crashing after I’d fixed mistakes when I hadn’t saved on time, meaning I’ve been fixing them again). I think it is getting there, though.

My model is based off these ballpoint concepts. I used reference images of deer to draw a female (technically a doe) from the side and front so I could use my own sizing to build my model. I do like these concepts and think they look almost cute.



Ballpoint Pen Concepts

I’m finally getting round to posting these drawings I did way before any other work I’ve posted for my imagined worlds project.


As soon as any idea was finalised by my group I started to draw them, the first being the forest scene. I began to draw tree trunks on the computers but the next day I had no access to a drawing tablet and had an entire lesson to work in, so I drew some traditional concepts. All I had was A3 paper and a black ball-point pen, so I managed to draw a simple concept for the two renditions of the park (before and after the alien attack). I already had an idea in my head so I folded the page in half and drew it.


When scanning in the large sheet it has been split into two separate photos, but in real life they are on one sheet, one above another, so I could not trace. It looks as it does above, but is a continuous page. It took longer and was more of a challenge to match them up, but I think they look very similar in layout anyway. Maybe it would have been easier to do it that way, but that is hindsight.

I used these concepts to draw the actual digital ones I have already blogged about and think they are important to show for the pre-production of the project.

VPA Crash 

For the VPA scene in the project I first drew it out in pen, using an image of the actual college building as a reference. I drew it in the same lesson as the ones above as there was still some time left and I was in a good workflow. I think it looks close to how the scene will really look when animated and it bares a lot of resemblance to the collage I ended up making.


Of course the drawing is not perfect, but I feel it looks quite thought out for a first concept. When drawing in pen I must let the permanence of the ink stop me from making AS many little mistakes as I do with pencil (where I must be more reckless). I like the crisp lines in these drawings as in pencil I would definitely be inclined to blend it out, whereas here I have no choice and have to take another angle with shading.

This particular drawing definitely shaped the idea for this scene.

City Concept

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Recently I designed the final of the 4 locations for the Mysterious Worlds VFX project my group are doing.

Planet A is about an alien invasion so we needed to do the classic city shot every sci-fi movie does. Lewis already decided on the footage he was using for this scene, so I used a screenshot if it to design a version of it post-attack. It will be nighttime. The buildings will have overgrown plants on them- unkempt and dirty. The UFO will be crashed into the scene and everything will look very post-apocalyptic. He has already began working on the real scene but I never got around to blogging this picture.

I would like to draw the scenes I do from scratch, but as there was already footage chosen, the quickest way to concept this one was drawing over the original scene to show where things should be altered. I thought the same with the collage I did for the UFO crash scene, its even easier for the others to use that as it is more true to how the final project will look.

I think my team and I are doing okay. We need to sort the presentation of our pre-productions out, but all of the work is there and we are on track with time. Everyone listens to one another and is doing the thing they  are best at in regards to the project. Hopefully if we continue this way we will make something we are proud to put in our portfolios. I am excited to see how it turns out.

Showdown – Character Design

I drew another original scenario again this week for my own ideas. I am enjoying drawing new character types and experimenting with digital art.

I again used drawing screens and tablets to achieve this piece. It depicts a prospector capturing a cowboy for a gold coin on a chain. He is holding weapons to him and smiling as onlookers drunkenly cheer as this is an everyday activity for them in the Wild West (at least according to some movies).


I like how this turned out, it’s bright and cartoon-ish. I think it is tidy and the picture looks completed all coloured in. I managed to complete this quite quickly and really enjoyed drawing something so different. I am also used to drawing more girls than men, so for once I drew more guys. I added in a waitress for good measure though, looking unimpressed about the events outside. I added in a barrel and haystack as well and set the scene outside of a saloon.

I am happy with this piece and I am feeling more confident with my imagination and actually going through with, and completing, the image I conjured up in my head. I hope to build up more drawings like this for my portfolio.

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Bug Storyboard

In the first week back we had to draw a storyboard for a part of a script from A Scanner Darkly about a man getting bugs in his hair which nobody but himself could see. I totally forgot to post this until today, but I would like to get it on my blog anyway.

I drew this on the touch screen drawing monitors in Tony’s as practice before I did my Mysterious Worlds storyboard.

Tony compared my style to the Incredibles’ storyboards (which is a huge compliment). The fact that it resembles them is quite funny to me as that is what I always think of when I imagine storyboards. This is because I used to watch their deleted scenes made up of  greyscale sketchy storyboards mixed with some light animation.

I am happy with the outcome of this drawing and feel it described some of the script well; such as the doctor being confused, and him studying the phenomenon once the bugs reached his lungs. I like the sketchy style I could achieve digitally which was natural to how I draw on paper. This helped me get to grips with digital art more as I need to focus on that a lot more this year.

bug storyboard.jpg

Treasure Hunting Teens – Character Design


I drew this in college today on the touch screen computers. It began as an experiment into different shaped character faces and ended up as a girl taking a boy on an exploration, on which she was excited and he was very scared.

In the background is a quick cave design I did and in the foreground there is a glow from whatever mysterious object you imagine they have discovered.

I drew this in Photoshop and kept the layers separate to allow me to post my progression. I took inspiration from other artists to do the initial sketch in red, then to do the real thing on top. My finished product has less of a dramatic cartoon-y feel than the sketch, but when I followed the exact lines it looked too exaggerated for my taste.

I am really happy with how they came out and I’ve been itching to draw characters lately after all of the concept work of environments I’ve been doing for my group project. I left it a bit untidy and quicker looking as I think it suited the style more, and I would like to do more practice like this with digital art in the future.

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